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    Ethereum Solo Miner Got 170 ETH for Block Mining

    User received 170 ETH reward for mining

    On January 17, a rare event in the mining world took place: a certain Ethereum miner received more than half a million dollars for discovering a block – 170.65 ETH.

    The lucky one started the mining process on December 23rd. He is a member of the 2miners mining pool, which allows you to choose from a variety of cryptocurrencies and mine them either solo or as part of a pool for GPUs and ASICs.

    Such large rewards are so rare that this episode attracted the attention of social media users. The usual reward for mining blocks in Ethereum is about $13,000 – 40 times less than this miner earned.

    As far as one can understand, in this case, the use of so-called flashbots took place – the author of the transactions directly sent them to the miner, taking an increased commission, so that transactions could be added to the block out of turn.

    It remains unclear why the author of the collection of FOMO MOFOS tokens, which are traded on the OpenSea marketplace, paid a large transaction fee when issuing a non-fungible token.

    The average total daily reward for mining blocks in the Ethereum network is approximately $13,000. Now ETH mining is unprofitable, which is why the user community is looking forward to moving to the second version and the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. 

    The transition to PoS will allow users to become validators and secure the network. Currently, the fee for being a validator is 32 ETH (~$100,000). This is a significant amount, but still less than the price of launching serious mining equipment.

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