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    DeFying Gravity: Kiba Inu — Multichain Community-Driven Token

    Kiba Inu Review

    Today In the new episode of DeFying Gravity series, let’s meet self-declared “the world’s favorite crypto meme token”, which is taking real measurable steps towards conquering the world. We explored the project and its journey to understand what is so special about it. 

    What is Kiba Inu?

    Kiba Inu is a new meme token this time named after the character Kiba Inuzuka, a supporting character from the widely known Naruto anime series. The token symbol comes from the image of Kiba Inuzuka’s dog Akamaru, who follows the hero everywhere. 

    The token is only a part of the entire Kiba Inu ecosystem. $KIBA powers existing and developing utilities of the project. The creators of the new meme token and also other crypto community members notice that Kiba is different from meme tokens, mainly because it does its best to offer the utility. 

    Kiba Inu was established in October 2021 and set a goal of revolutionizing the whole field by bringing together numerous crypto utilities with the strong interest and support of the holders and influencers. 

    The project shares the same qualities with the character who is very devoted to the comrades, ready to protect any member of it at any moment. So the Kiba Inu creators aspire to gather a strong and unbreakable community that will help push the project to heights. 

    Kiba Inu underwent the audit by CertiK and scored 86 out of 100 security points. The report also shows neutral social media recognition with only 2% of negative recognition. Moreover, this indicator has been rising since the launch thanks to the efforts of the team. 

    Even though the official project’s Instagram (with 20K + followers) states that Kiba is a new Shiba, referring to the most booming meme token of 2021, it is different and working on staying different from any other meme tokens.

    And that’s why — Kiba aims to bring real practicality and to stand out from other similar ideas by taking steady and confident steps towards completing the promises.  

    Kiba Inu Utilities 

    Kiba Inu is already launched on both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Recently the project released Kiba Bridge — a tool unifying the users of BSC and Ethereum. It has been developed in collaboration with the Moontography team of the leading developers specializing in cross-chain technology. Kiba Bridge was created to provide users with a convenient way to bridge their assets across other networks. With the idea of adding other blockchains next. 

    The project also developed other products, including:

    • native DEX (decentralized exchange) — Kiba Swap;
    • portfolio tracker Kiba Gains;
    • token tracker Kiba Fomo;
    • Honey Pot identification system — Kiba HP checker;
    • the tool for analyzing the data about any operation on the blockchain in more detail — Kiba Charts. 

    Kiba Honey Pot checker is a unique tool designed for protection from Honeypots — digital traps for the crypto senders. Honeypots are the smart contracts acting like they are about to leak more funds if the user is ready to transfer more money. In the end, funds are getting locked and later withdrawn by the malefactor. HP Checker test purchase and sell to verify a specific smart contract and tell if it’s safe or not. Additionally, it provides precise buy and sell commissions applied on each transaction and smart contract. The checker is now available for ETH and BSC. 

    Kiba Gains shows users their current portfolio, losses, and profits for a specific period. It has a user-friendly dashboard with a unique and intuitive design, where all the data is represented in an easy-to-understand and visual way. 

    Kiba Charts provides the charts, graphics, and transactions information about any asset available through Uniswap, so there is no need to jump between the platforms. 

    The Kiba Fomo token tracker is powered by tokenfomo.io and informs about all the assets launched on BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon. 

    The holders of tokens will soon be introduced to the Kiba Inu toolset, which will make minting of new coins possible, locking the coins and liquidity, starting an ICO prior to the official launch. All the new functionality will be set through Unicrypt. The services will be available directly on Kiba Swap.

    Kiba Inu Token and Tokenomics 

    $KIBA is an ERC-20 and BSC-20 token at the same time. It has a total supply of 1 trillion coins, none of them were burnt. Without any of them burnt yet. 10% is held from each transaction:

    • 9% — for marketing purposes to grow the project through new collaborations and sponsorships and listings;
    • 1% — redistributed to the holders. 

    Moreover, to motivate holding, selling the coin during the first 24 h after the initial purchase begins, was punished by a 25% transaction commission. The same happens on the first day after purchasing the asset.

    Kiba Inu contract addresses on BSC and ETH for purchase are published on the official website. The asset has been already listed on many DEX, including Uniswap, BitMart, ZtGlobal, and Hotbit. 

    Kiba Inu Marketing

    Kiba Inu marketing campaign is led by Jake Paul and currently focuses on collaborations with social media influencers. For instance, last month Kiba Inu partnered with SuperBid.io - a gaining-popularity social app that allows fans to bid for a meeting with a celebrity or social influencer. The marketing team also managed to bring popular American boxer and media influencer Ryan Garcia. 

    Later on, the team managed to add basketball player Collin Sexton to the Kiba Krew. 

    Going further, we should mention Kiba Inu’s recent sponsor collaboration with Udinese Calcio Football Club. Token’s symbol will appear on the team T-shirts. The next and even more exciting collaboration is with Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEON. It caused the appearance of Kiba on the top of the sidepods of two Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN C41 during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix competitions, which happened on December 11-12. 

    The last partnership brought Kiba Inu together with the European Cricket League. The dog symbol will appear on the T-shirts of 30 national teams during the next edition of games staged from Feb 8 to March 15. The estimated number of daily viewers is above 40 million and this can really push Kiba brand awareness to new heights. 

    But the project is getting exposed beyond just sports lovers. Last week Kiba Inu managed to place their ads on some of the busiest streets of London. Additionally, the project’s merch sales started to happen. 

    Development Graphic  

    Kiba Inu has already experienced significant success around the community, reaching $100 million market capitalization in just 4 weeks. The ecosystem has undergone Stages 1 and 2 of development and is currently going through Phase 3.

    The first goal-reaching 5K holders, is already surpassed as $KIBA is currently approaching a new milestone of 8,5K, gaining more and more new users every day. 

    The further evaluation plans are supposed to expand the utility of the project, but also to add more fun. Soon, Kiba is going to release its native NFT marketplace. Additionally, the team plans to implement some GameFi options and also integrate an Anime ecosystem to attract such a wide audience as anime amateurs to the project. 

    Phase 3 also includes listings on the centralized exchanges and an active advertisement campaign. Moreover, during that period Dextools are to be launched and Kiba Swap to become available. The concrete dates of deadlines though are not specified by the team. 

    Interestingly, the development team also revealed that they are working on implementing the gaining popularity in the crypto space play-to-earn gaming metaverse. 


    As a quite new project released less than 2 months ago, Kiba Inu shows the potential to really become the “world’s favorite meme token”. After numerous significant partnerships and continuous development of the technology, it kept gaining the attention of the community and even its price has been raising lately and gained 18% just in the last days. This shows a serious approach of the creators to take Kiba Inu and its holders to the biggest heights possible. 

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