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    DeFying Gravity: Cryowar — Upcoming PvP Crypto Game on Solana

    Cryowar Review

    DeFying Gravity series is here again to discover some more interesting crypto projects. And this time we want to look at one more gaming Metaverse that aspires to combine most of the things crypto in one creatively designed battling game in the Medieval parallel reality. That’s surely not the first play-to-earn game appearing this year, but we tried to get to the point of why it may deserve the attention of dedicated gamers and crypto lovers. 

    What is Cryowar?

    Cryowar is a new multiplayer crypto game built with the Unreal Engine and Solana network. It’s also a PVP arena and an NFT game. The concept is made to unite the traditional gaming experience and the best technologies of the crypto world, decentralized finance, governance, and non-fungible tokens. The goal of the creators is to make it a limitless multi-chain Metaverse in the medieval style that will allow anyone to participate in its expansion by creating and suggesting additional layers, features, modes, and content.

    Cryowar Crypto game has a deflationary mechanism that integrates staking with the gameplay. The players winning the battles get better staking rewards. That’s a fair play-to-earn mechanism, based only on the skill of the game built over time, which allows the users to move from one experience level to another. 

    Implementation of the NFT into the system allows the players to truly own all the in-game assets and even transfer them from one game to another. 

    Cryowar Metaverse is the university dream that comes true for co-creator Nikolay Petrovich and Alessandro Ciavola Pennelli. Though the project was launched only three years ago, the idea was in the air for much longer. But only after meeting Marian Boychev and Constantina Georgieva Cryowar finally get the direction of becoming a Metaverse mix of gaming, decentralized finance, decentralized governance, and blockchain. 

    All the members of the development team have immense experience in working with video game design, blockchain development, security, cloud infrastructures, and also networking in the field. 

    The project’s Facebook page recently announced an approximate Cryowar release date, which is expected to be in the first quarter of 2022. The game will be free to play and will be easily accessible through the app on the smartphone. 

    The first Beta-version of the game went out on December 10.2021, though the access to signing up had to be won and only 250 people were allowed. The participants of the giveaway could only use Android devices and needed to complete several tasks to earn the points. People with the highest scores got a chance to be the first to play Cryowar. 

    Those who didn’t succeed to experience the batling just need to wait for the second beta or the final game release. 

    Principles of Cryowar

    The main idea of the Metaverse is a continuous opposition for territory, power, and resources. To stand out from other blockchain-based pay-to-earn gaming projects, Cryowar stands on the following points: 

    • Exceptional visuals — thanks to the graphical power of Unreal Engine 4 proper video game graphics (around 120 frames in a second) now are available on the mobile phone.  
    • No game advantages on the marketplace — meaning none of the items for purchase give the competitive advantage over other players to make the battles as fair as possible.
    • Short sessions of 3 min each — not to make the time consumption heavy for the users, so they can play any time at any place. 

    Technology Stack 

    The game is built on a fast, secure, and censorship-resistant Solana network that offers very low transaction fees of around $0.0001 and can transfer up to 5000 transactions per second with a block completion period of 400 ms. 

    It is also powered by Serum DEX — the exchange platform with unique advantages making it step out from other projects. Those features include on-chain order books, almost immediate transaction speed, and low fees. 

    Cryowar also uses the advantages of the Stardust SaaS (software as a service) blockchain that links the in-game items with the marketplace and Solana network, so every player gets access to its NFT ecosystem, marketplaces, crypto payments, explorers, and so on. 

    DAO governance model is integrated into the system that allows players to participate in the competitions but also to propose any game improvements to create a community where everyone can have an impact on the project directions. 

    The appliance of Unreal Engine 4 provides cinematic quality visuals. Moreover, the team is going to update the tech to Unreal Engine 5 once it’s fully out. 

    Cryowar Gameplay 

    Cryowar Crypto game is a medieval playground for the mighty heroes that use godly technologies to battle over the control of sacred lands. Each player chooses and customizes two heroes according to his or her own playing strategy.  

    • Centurion — holly warrior equipped with the blade and firearm, aiming to destroy all the heresy in the virtual world;
    • A.C.S heavy - is the walking mighty fortress that can shoot fire while applying the time-proven tactics of the battle;
    • Valkyrie — dabbed after the spirit that carries the souls of the fallen fighters the hero is distinguished by its light and dance-like movements that attract the enemies, who are to be slashed with the Valkyrie’s blades.  

    At the moment there are 2 skins available for every hero with the 3rd being under development. Each skin is an NFT that can be traded. 

    The new medieval crypto game has four different game modes:

    • The last man standing;
    • Deathmatch;
    • Top score in 5 minutes;
    • Battle arena.

    So the exciting part is that the game randomly chooses the mode for a player willing to compete and throws it. The user needs to master all the modes and be ready to deal with any types of objectives the game offers. 

    The White Paper contains some pre-history and a more detailed explanation of the virtual world and its rules. The creators promise that players won’t get bored with numerous game modes, maps, and characters that will be continuously under development. 

    2 weeks ago at the official Facebook account, the team presented 3 min gameplay video where the users can see the interface of the player panel, heroes, and the selective options available for them as well as the battleground itself. 

    Cryowar Token 

    Cryowar Crypto game has a native CWAR token powering its ecosystem. The token is to be listed on Serum DEX as the team believes in the advantages it has over the other DEX projects.  The token will have a total supply of 1 billion coins that will be pre-minted and released after the launch. Out of it:

    • 45% is allocated for the rewards and staking;
    • 20,7% is meant for the marketing and ecosystem development;
    • 14% is kept for the private token sell;
    • 12% is held by the team;
    • 3,7% goes to the seed;
    • 2,9% is kept for public sale.
    • 2% is sent to the advisory.

    Coins allocated to the development team and advisory are locked for a year after the release. The team also plans to reinvest its profits (including income generated from the fees and NFT sales and also tournaments) back into the project for 2 years period. Moreover, to support the community and show commitment to the project, it planned to regularly repurchase the tokens from the secondary market. 

    CWAR is a utility token with governance rights that can be staked for rewards and stability, it will also have some elements of yield farming and will become the only currency for all the in-game operations, including buying the tokens for participation in the battles, sell-buy of NFTs. The rewards for the competitions and championships, giveaways and other events are also to be distributed in CWAR. Part of the supply will be burnt to stabilize the economy of the project. 

    Cryowar Roadmap 

    The defined end goal is to gradually transform the upcoming Metaverse into a War of DAO Sci-fi Medieval Worlds, where the players and the token holders will be able to affect the features that will be added in the future, thus improving the decentralization. New worlds, lands, events, and competitions will be created to take the Metaverse even further. 

    So far the project completed private sales and the first beta-launch. It got officially listed (as the main part of the 2021 Roadmap) by some of the exchanges and has undergone a technical audit. Though, the main events are still to come in 2022, including the second beta-launch and a final release of the Metaverse for everyone. 

    Between those two events, it’s planned to open the opportunity for token and NFT staking, start new partnerships, implement new characters and game modes. Before the complete launch, some of the tokens are planned to be burnt.

    The users will get a chance to participate in The First Cryowar Live World Championship with the $100 000 prize pool. 

    OnceCryowar is released, smart contracts will be upgraded and the development will switch to integration the game with other blockchains. And to make the year of the project blossoming complete, the team expects to newly implement the whole virtual world.   


    Among already numerous play-to-earn games and Metaverse crypto startups, Cryowar stands out with its unique technological approach and impressive mix of crypto and gaming features that are not used in the same way in any other Metaverse. It also offers quite a tight level of graphics, which with the game genre will most definitely attract a lot of players who don’t know much about blockchain and crypto yet. We are still to see the feedback from the first-ever players, but the support from across the community and the CWAR coin price chart gives another hint that Cryowar might be the game to keep in mind.

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