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    DeFying Gravity: Bloktopia — Connecting Metaverse and Reality


    The new episode of our regular DeFying gravity journey into the variety of new crypto projects continues with the Bloktopia Metaverse. The project claims to be different from other recently launched Metaverses. We tried to find out what is so unique about the idea and how it can affect the whole community. 

    What is Bloktopia Metaverse?

    Bloktopia is a decentralized open-source Metaverse running on Polygon providing users with an unprecedented virtual reality experience, including gaming, property ownership, advertising, building Blockchains, and etc. Each activity is potentially profitable. The inhabitants of the virtual world are called Bloktopians.

    The most advanced at the moment 3D technology — Creation Engine is applied to design an unpredictable gaming experience in the visually rich environment of Bloktopia. Its development team has a very optimistic vision of the project’s future that drowns the potential participants’ and sponsors’ attention. And moreover, its goal is to be the biggest Blockchain-based Metaverse where anyone can enter and interact. 

    Bloktopia is a 21-floor (level) Skyscraper that represents 21 million Bitcoin. It was invented to improve crypto recognition in general and BTC adoption in particular. The virtual world of the project is situated in the decaying surroundings working according to the NFT economy. Entering it will provide access to interactive virtual reality.  Moreover, users will be gaining profits by owning in-game property, advertising, and playing.

    The Metaverse has an easy navigation system, so anyone can easily find and access any necessary data. Main points that deserve to be paid extra attention to will be highlighted. The team also promises to have perfectly thought-through UX design at every part ad corner of the Bloktopia Metaverse.

    The project focuses on 4 main possibilities:

    • Education — Bloktopia is aspired to become a central base of knowledge for everyone who wants to explore Blockchain, and thus puts extra efforts into promoting the platform through social media.
    • Earning — everyone will be opened to numerous possibilities to earn revenue from renting the property to token staking;
    • Playing — multiple immersive games with a first-person perspective of the player are created for entertainment but also for communication, so the participants are able to meet and build a network;
    • Creativity — everyone in the Metaverse is encouraged to design anything from digital paintings to virtual in-game challenges using an easy Builder tool, engage in creators’ competitions, and fight for the prizes; the developers will have a software development kit to give them a chance to participate in the co-creation of the Metaverse;

    Additionally, after the launch, Bloktopia will provide advertising options for its sponsors for a fee charged in Blok tokens.  

    To enter Bloktopia the wallet is necessary to be opened. It will also work as a passport in the Metaverse and store obtained digital assets. It’s also planned that the wallet will support multiple chains and can be used as a storage of ERC-1155 NFTs. (Just a few wallets have this option)

    Bloktopia is founded by university friends Ross Tavakoli and Paddy Carroll. Tavakoli is an early crypto adopter and has been engaged in the field for over 6 years. The idea and vision of the project belong to him and he also gathered a team for the ambitious Metaverse start-up. 

    Carroll is a marketer with experience with big brands like Sky and BT Group in the United Kingdom. He is taking care of the Bloktopia marketing company as well as working on the advertisement campaign.  

    The team also includes commercial director Libby Rothwell, with a movie industry background, and now develops the project’s commercial partnerships. Simon Benson has more than 25 years in the commercial development of many grand projects in video gaming and 3D technologies industries. 

    Bloktopia token and Tokenomics 

    BLOK is the coin powering Bloktopia Metaverse. Users can swap it on both centralized and decentralized platforms as it’s needed for any transactions on the platform including ReBlok (purchasing of the property in the Metaverse). The First Phase of the sale will start after the Blok coin distribution event (TGE). 

    Real estate is a precious belonging in the Bloktopia. Its owners can profit speculating on the price, reselling once it grows in value, or just lease it to grant a passive income.

    After Bloktopia real estate is sold out, the assets received as payment will be burnt to and the total supply will decrease 22%

    Despite already mentioned features, there are other utilities of BLOK coin:

    • buying digital collectibles from Bloktopia NTF marketplace, where users offered the items for modifying their real estate and avatars;
    • exclusive rights within Vloktopia — staking, access to the events, and participation in the private pre-sales.

    BLOK coin total supply is 200 billion coins. 2 billion were released at the launch. 3% were sent to the early adopters, 4% for the seed, 5%, and 6% for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Private Sale.  The assets are to be delivered steadily: 5% at listing and then 10% each of the four following distributions, the distribution 6 and 7 are 15; and distribution will end with the 8th round bringing the last 25% of the obtained assets. 

    25% of 21 billion coins will go for paying staking rewards from launch, 33% is a Treasury that will be opened according to the not defined by the team necessity.

    Some tokens from the total supply are meant for the project creators:

    • 15% gets development team;
    • 7% received by advisors.

    Those assets will be locked for 12 months after the launch and distributed after this period.

    The governance of Bloktopia is provided by the BLOKG token. Its holders get a vote in making decisions about the project’s future.

    Achieved milestones and future

    The team plans to focus on increasing the number of daily users, thus directly affecting the revenue generated by producing BigData and also the impression on the brand that advertises within the Metaverse.

    So, the developers only share the short-term roadmap with the plans not reaching further than December 2021. By that time First and Second Rounds of the real estate sale should happen and the project will be almost ready to welcome the users. 

    As of now, the token minting has started and Bloktopia was audited by Zokio. The project has launched a marketplace and has minted real estate. Recently on their official Twitter Bloktopia announced the opening of the Bloktopia Charity Foundation that will donate for “much-needed cases”. 

    And with overall marketing and development activity, it really seems like Bloktopia can conquer the world. 

    With projects like Bloktopia, the future can really be crypto, as more big companies accept Metaverse as a technology to help people communicate and build businesses. And Bloktopia already started to expand its presence as it collaborated with the Blockchain firm Elrond. It is not yet clear if the project is capable of achieving the ambitious goal of turning into a global crypto hub, but if it happens the future can be more virtual than we expect.  

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