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    SushiSwap: 2021 Q3 Update & Roadmap

    Sushiswap Update

    Yield farming platform SushiSwap has published an eventful third-quarter report on its achievements and presented a roadmap for the fourth quarter. 

    The Roadmap For the Fourth Quarter

    The roadmap for the fourth quarter includes: 

    • Token Pages
    • MISO v2
    • Trident
    • Shōyu v0

    Key Product Updates

    The launch of Shōyu v0, the digital display interface and NFT marketplace, is approaching. In later versions, there will be features such as support for non-fungible tokens not issued on Shōyu, as well as fractionation and social tokens.


    Trident is a solution that allows you to decentralize the AMM creation process. The community currently has the opportunity to beta test Trident and provide feedback to the project.


    The MISO auction is running successfully. The average project on it raised about seven million dollars, on average, the number of participants - 700. The vast majority of projects at the auction were successful. 

    Minor Updates and News 

    • Sushi has been deployed to Arbitrum.
    • Inari: new strategic investment module is on the way. 
    • Sushi Pro continues to operate. The current iteration is v0; updates coming soon.
    • Meowshi (MEOW): the native Sushi token was successfully launched.
    • Sushi Samurai got the ability to create structured content and the right to support the project’s  DAO. Samurai is also launching an academy similar to other educational crypto projects.
    • The DAO voted to create an Operations Multisig operating fund to attract additional resources
    • SUSHI Farming Vesting program has ended.
    • Masterchef v2: The new version will be available on Trident.
    • Phantom Troupe's proposal, which was intended to raise capital from venture capitalists, was rejected. The community decided that its implementation would benefit individual players. Nevertheless, the plus is that representatives of different projects have put forward proposals for fair investment in the project.
    • Sushi intends to create an analytics solution Community Enabled Analytics, which provides a program to reward users for publishing blockchain data.
    • Multichain Expansion: Sushi  DAO has the biggest number of chains in the entire crypto industry. The project continues to add new farms to new networks. In the fourth quarter, new farms are expected to appear on a number of blockchains.

    This synopsis does not mention all the updates and plans for the project that is actively developing the overarching DeFi ecosystem. Follow the social media and Sushi websites for details and nuances.

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