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    Anna Key

    ZodTV - New Generation Video Transcoding on WEB3

    Zodtv press release

    Introducing ZodTV

    Founded in 2019 by vans163, ZodTV is a GPU Edge built on the NEAR blockchain. ZodTV aims to become the ultimate video transcoder combining all key services in one easy-to-use platform. The video transcoder stands by the rule of always implementing the most fair market value for its services. 

    ZodTV is progressing into a zero-trust service. The founder emphasizes that your transcoding jobs eventually will be hidden even from the platform itself. All transcoding jobs are relayed fully off-chain. ZodTV guarantees the same privacy as a centralized SAAS (Software as a service) based transcoder.

    The NEAR blockchain makes it possible to carry out worldwide microtransactions quickly. Having NEAR as a fundamental partner also helps establish a reputation on the market and attract new users & investors.

    ZodTV emphasizes the fact that the platform uses the same innovative technology, including the same hardware, as other established transcoders; however, the platform strives to make its service price as fair as possible. 

    Currently, ZodTV accepts anyone who has available CPU or GPU compute as a farmer. Eventually, ZodTV plans to expand and allow individuals as well as hobby miners to join the network and provide zero-trust liquidity. All you need to have is up-to-date hardware that supports zero-trust environments (AMD EPYC Zen3, Intel Xeon NextGen)

    ZodTV offers tutorials & how-to materials in order to help users get familiar with the network and its services. Users can find videos on multiple different topics, such as the network’s ecosystem, video transcoding process, off-chain tokens & how to generate them, streaming services, profit through running a farm, etc. 

    How the Ecosystem Works

    ZodTV’s ecosystem allocates 6% of the total supply to liquidity. For liquidity to function successfully, each 10 million chunks of tokens will progressively cost 1 cent more, up until the 6 cent mark is reached.

    Currently, ZodTV is working on allowing all farmers to get paid in real capital and for consumers to have enough farmers to use. 

    The price for the services, offered by ZodTV, is in sync with the price of NEAR on exchanges, and it is aligned for a contract control swap.

    As a consumer, you are not directly affected by the price of ZOD. 

    How to Transcode a Video Using ZodTV

    Video transcoding is one of the main services offered by ZodTV. The service has been set up in a way that is easy to understand even if you do not currently have any knowledge & background in video transcoding. 

    First, let’s talk about what video transcoding is. Video transcoding is a vital tool for users working with a significant volume of video. Video transcoding can greatly reduce the size of the file while still providing great quality of video and audio. It is used by everyone from small businesses recording weddings to GigaTitans like YouTube and Twitch.

    Here is how to transcode a video using ZodTV in 5 easy steps:

    1. Go to the Transcode Creator page on the website. 
    2. Insert the Source URL and Target URL of the video you would like to transcode. 
    3. Change format, codec, width & height, offset, duration, bitrate, audio codec & audio bitrate according to your preferences.
    4. Copy the content of your CURL Request into the Terminal on your computer and run.
    5. The transcoding job is done.


    ZodTV is a GPU Edge that is currently offering a decentralized video transcoder as a flagship use case. The network is expected to expand and become more prominent on the market soon. ZodTV uses the same latest innovative technologies that are implemented by big names in the industry, however, with ZodTV you could get the same GPU quality for a much more fair price. By joining ZodTV you could gain access to key GPU services like Video Transcode, Live Streaming and CUDA compute.