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    Christmas Adventures of Santa Floki, HOHOHO and Elon Musk

    Floki Santa Pumped after Elon Musk's Tweet

    Founder of Tesla and SpaceX American entrepreneur Elon Musk often exerts a serious influence on the crypto market thanks to his tweets mentioning cryptocurrencies. This is not surprising given its huge readership of about 68 million.

    A similar episode happened a few days ago – on December 25, a photo of a Shiba Inu puppy named Floki was published on the entrepreneur's Twitter account. A shot of a dog dressed up in a red Santa Claus costume, Elon Musk signed briefly: "Santa Floki".

    As has happened more than once after similar tweets with dog meme coins, the price of Santa Floki (HOHOHO) has increased by 5000%. The Santa Floki price today is $ 0.000002. According to the project's website, the market capitalization of the token is estimated at $ 19653993.73.

    What is this coin that the richest man in the world drew attention to? Santa Floki (HOHOHO) is a new cryptocurrency that operates on the Binance Smart Chain. The pre-sale of tokens took place in November this year.

    The highlight of the project is the reward for the holders of the Santa Floki token – the mechanism of distribution of 4% of the commissions for the HOHOHO purchase or sale transactions. According to the founders of the project, they have already distributed more than $ 304.8 thousand in the stablecoin Binance USD (BUSD).

    It is also known that the audit of the Santa Floki smart contract was carried out by Dessert Finance. That's all we know about the project. There is no information on the technical parameters of the project. Meanwhile, Is This Coin A Scam? assesses the legitimacy of the token at 2.1 points – this is a very low rating.

    As for the puppy who became the hero of the day, Elon Musk acquired Santa Floki in September 2021. When the businessman reported it, the Shiba Floki meme token went up in price by 1300%.

    In November, after merely one tweet from Musk, three similar tokens went up in price. Musk joked on Twitter, claiming that the Vikings landed on the moon before the Americans. Thanks to the tweet, three cryptocurrencies with the word "Viking" in their names have grown in price: Space Vikings – by 150%, VikingChain –  by 330%, and Viking Swap – by as much as 800%.

    The first ever doggy coin, Dogecoin, is especially loved by the world famous entrepreneur. Musk recently announced that Tesla will accept Dogecoin as payment for its electric cars. After his announcement, this token has grown by 32%. In addition, Musk stated that DOGE is better suited for transactions than Bitcoin, which he estimates is more efficient as a store of value.

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