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    Weekly Digest: NFT Integration to Metamask & Instagram

    Weekly digest: December 25

    Every week we make a digest about the most significant news in crypto with bloggers and crypto community members, but this week we decided to find out what companies’ representatives and media think about all things crypto.

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    📌The Auction For The Slot Of The Polkadot Parachain Has Ended

    The auction for the fifth slot on Polkadot Parachain has finished, ending the first round of the parachain auctions that were happening from November 11 to December 18. Winner parachains (Acala, Moonbeam, Parallel Finance, Astar, Clover Finance) were already integrated into the network and started creating the blocks. According to the plan, Polkadot will have a total of 100 slots for blockchains built using its special open library of Substrate tools. The second auction rounds started on December 23. 

    📌Kintsugi Testnet Launch On The Way To Ethereum 2.0

    Ethereum developers launched the first testnet for upcoming in the next year Ethereum 2.0. It will help to understand the consequences of merging PoW and PoW blockchains and is already available through RPC proxy. The developers posted all the data necessary for testing and prototyping on Kintsugi on a separate website and called the users to start using the network. That will cause issues that will help to modify the client before rolling out the final version of the testnet. The current testnet offers a test crypto distributor, statistics monitor, and block explorer. 

    📌Mosseri Is Optimistic About Instagram Integration With NFT

    Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram expressed the concern that the social network needs to offer NFT to the users. In particular, the messages are planned to be made collectibles, so bloggers can make money from their content and also build more stable and predictable relationships with the audience. Earlier this year digital artist Sean Williams informed that Instagram works on creating NFT platform and collaborates with the creators of digital collectibles. According to the mobile software developer, Alessandro Paluzzi Instagram is planning to add an NFT tool to the functionality of the app in the coming months. 

    📌TRX Price Falls Amid News Of Sun's Departure From Tron CEO

    After the news that Chinese Billionaire Justin Sun was appointed the representative of Grenada in The World Trade organization and intends to step away from active participation in the Tron project, TRX token lost 1% of its price in the next hour and 5% after 24 h. Sun though will stay a part of Tron foundation, but won’t be leading the project anymore. The decision expresses Sun’s idea that cryptocurrencies should be legitimized in Latin America as soon as possible because the crypto market can not depend only on the USA.  

    📌 Uniswap Deploys to Polygon as MATIC Hits All-Time High

    On December 22, Uniswap launched DEX on Polygon network after Polygon co-founder Mihailo Bjelic submitted a proposal to Uniswap governance to launch Uniswap v3 on Polygon and received enormous support of over 72 million UNI tokens pledged as a vote for and only 500K tokens for the vote against. Thus users can swap tokens on Uniswap through Polygon layer 2 Network

    📌Shiba Inu Listed by Australia’s Longest-Running Crypto Exchange

    CoinJar, Australia's longest-running crypto exchange launched in 2013 has listed the Shiba Inu token together with Origin Protocol (OGN), Audius (AUDIO), Fletch.ai (FET), Cartesi ( CTSI) and Quant Network (QNT) tokens. Overall it supports 48 cryptocurrencies and has over 400 000 registered users. Moreover, CoinJar was named as one of the top fintech start-ups of 2021 in Australia. 

    📌Metamask Prepares NFT Integration for Browser Extension

    MetaMask digital wallet is getting ready to introduce a huge new update for its Chrome browser extension, that will allow the users holding NFTs to manage their collectibles within the app and will also bring the extension’s speed closer to the mobile app. The user now can see their assets linked to MetaMask without going to the hosting website. Additionally, the rumors about the upcoming MetaMask token are in the air with the possibility of an airdrop for the users who have swapped tokens within the wallet. 

    📌 Physical NFT Museum Set to Open in Seattle

    The Sietle NFT Museum will open on January 14 and will offer a physical space where future visitors will be able to interact with the digital collectibles. They will get a chance to learn more about the technology and artists creating NFTs. One of the sections will focus on explaining the fundamentals of NFT phenomena and their impact on contemporary art.

    The Museum will mainly focus on promoting the local artists. It became known that the works from Aaron Bird’s NFT collection, including collectibles by Erick Caledron, Chromie Squiggle, Blake Kathryn, Neon Saltwater, Charles Peterson and famous CryptoPunks by Larva Labs. To represent NFTs in the physical world SNFTM has collaborated with Samsung, which provided the museum with flexible frames that can adapt to the size and dimensions of every non-fungible.  


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