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    Anna Key

    What You Need to Know About PIKA Crypto: Pioneers of GameFi

    Pika Crypto

    PIKA is a next-generation platform created by GameFi AG. The Project combines a unique ecosystem, strong knowledge in GameFi and its very own NFT marketplace. The platform’s main goal is to merge GameFi and innovative technology in one place. 

    PIKA is built on the Ethereum Network, combining digital and real-world game achievements. Since the inception of PIKA, the platform has been striving to improve the quality of the DeFi environment and raise the standard for all GameFi cryptocurrencies and Projects. PIKA’s leading team focuses on giving back to the community by coming up with new revolutionary ways to improve the platform performance.  


    The PIKA tokenomics consists of three coins: PIKA, THUNDER and RAI. Each of the three coins has its own assigned features in the ecosystem.

    Pika Crypto Tokenomics


    PIKA is the main asset in the PIKA Ecosystem used for staking, upgrading, purchasing basic booster packs and basic NFTs. PIKA is the essence of GameFi. PIKA can be obtained on exchanges, through swaps and staking. PIKA is the first coin in the PIKA’s ecosystem. Over time PIKA’s scarcity will be increasing, therefore the current investors will get more value. The initial total supply of PIKA tokens is 50,000,000,000,000 $PIKA. 


    THUNDER is a first-generation rarity token. 1 THUN can be bought for 10,000 PIKA. THUNDER is used for staking, upgrading, purchasing rare booster packs and rare NFTs. THUNDER is evolved from PIKA or can be obtained on exchange platforms. 


    RAI is a final evolution epic rarity token. 1 RAI is equal to 1,000 THUN. RAI is used for purchasing legendary booster packs, rarest NFT's and much more. RAI could be evolved from THUNDER as well as obtained on exchanges. 

    However, the rarity and scarcity of the coins depend entirely on how investors want to play the game. This also means that PIKA, despite having the largest supply in the ecosystem, could become the rarest. THUNDER, nevertheless, is designed to be an intermediary token that allows investors to evolve into the final most evolutionary stage - RAI. RAI will be used to obtain unique legendary NFTs. It will also allow investors to receive special rewards on GameFi platforms. 

    PIKA has already partnered with Uniswap, Polygon Quickswap, Crypto Merch, Rubic exchange and other platforms. Users can expect many more partnerships in the future.   

    TheKraft - NFT Marketplace

    TheKraft NFT Marketplace is PIKA’s very own marketplace that represents the essence of GameFi world. TheKraft offers a blockchain-based as well as a traditional gaming experience for its users. By the means of TheKraft, players and artists can create, collect and exchange unique NFT gaming assets. The team has gathered talented creators from around the world to implement a truly breath-taking artwork onto the platform. TheKraft also offers a bunch of rewards for PIKA holders. 

    TheKraft Martkeplace

    Since TheKraft is based on PIKA, the three-token system has also been integrated into the platform. There is a certain reward system established on the volume and rarity of the tokens. Once you accumulate a certain amount of THUN and RAI, you can list your NFTs with THUN and RAI as your payment option of choice.  

    PIKA is a community-focused platform. So is TheKraft Marketplace. The platform has come up with a few ways to boost players’ interaction with the site. One of them is completing puzzles with collectible NFTs. 

    Besides playing games, on TheKraft Marketplace users can filter out the hottest NFTs and find top creators, as well as get a free course from TheKraft University if they wish to learn more about NFTs, mining, and the marketplace itself.  

    In the future, the team is planning to organize regular special tournaments (events) where users will be able to compete in order to win PIKA, THUN and RAI. Players can also connect their Wallets to the platform, which will make it much less complicated to participate in challenges and purchase gaming assets.

    PIKA’S Roadmap

    The platform strives to evolve in different ways, implement innovative technologies and become the ultimate crypto space for all GameFi enthusiasts. PIKA's Team believes that gamifying cryptocurrency is the next best thing in the industry. Some of the Project plans: 

    • Online Trading Card Game release: a massive platform for interactive trading, winning rewards as well as PIKA, THUN and RIA tokens. The Card Game is currently under development. The team is working on creating a unique game, where animals are being transported to another universe and begin to develop more human features. Players will also be able to purchase guns and wear special armor. This Card Game will be a great asset for providing longevity to the PIKA ecosystem.
    • To make the currency more valuable and scarce, PIKA is planning to reduce the overall token supply. 
    • PIKA is preparing to release 150 unique collectible NFT cards and additional 3 booster packs.
    • One of PIKA’s team goals is to register a trademark in Europe and attract more new investors as well as receive more partnerships with significant brands. PIKA is striving to live up to expectations. More support means more opportunities for growth. PIKA will come out with its own merch collection and host a real-life event for community members.

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