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    DeFying Gravity: Illuvium — a New Level of the Blockchain Gaming 

    Illuvium Project

    DeFying gravity series is meant to introduce new innovative, weird, and exciting projects of the crypto community that arise on the hype of crypto adoption. One of the most interesting upcoming entertainment projects is Illuvium — a blockchain-based RPG adventure game with the possibility of winning the token and influencing the future of the whole metaverse. We dug into the details of the new game to see all the sides of the project and see if it is an idea to invest your time in. 

    What is Illuvium

    Widely considered as a pioneer of AAA-class blockchain games, Illuvium was created to satisfy both people with a passion for real gaming and advanced DeFi supporters. This is achieved by combining numerous features and utilities that range from item collection to trading and staking. The game combines the features and characteristics of open-world gameplay and a PvP competition.

    Illuvium Game

    Users explore the open world, collect monsters, and strategize to build a team to win more battles. It’s also a mixture of a proper advanced video game and a blockchain with a decentralized finance infrastructure, including yield farming and DEX.

    Illuvium is a fully decentralized protocol developed to provide long-term sustainability. Another essential idea is to make the project develop completely autonomously and depend only on the ILV token staking. The project is pioneering in the industry, combining cinematic-quality visuals and environment design with dynamic gameplay Defi and starting a new phase in the gaming industry, taking it a step further. 

    Illuvium metaverse is a vastly varied alien territory inhabited by supreme beings called Illuvials. The environment of the Metaverse is something that makes the game stand out from the other ideas of the same kind as it’s fully 3D. More than 100 unique types of Illuvials are spread across the map.

    Different areas of the virtual world would have different unique creatures living there. Each of them is a product of the efforts of a top-notch visual artist that creates an unmatched atmosphere and provides an unrepeatable gaming experience that would excite not only crypto enthusiasts but also the players who aren’t new in gaming. 

    The players have to snare and develop the creatures to compete with the program and the others, earn rewards for competing with others, solving quizzes, and completing daily tasks. Moreover, every Illuvial is also an NFT, which means its ownership will belong to the captured player forever unless it was sold on the native decentralized exchange IlluviDex or through any other NFT marketplace. 

    Illuvium is developed on Immutable X. Thanks to this there are no any fees on peer-to-peer transactions. All the assets are stored in Shards, including non-fungible game characters. Players statistics are available for everyone to make challenges clear and more exciting.

    Illuvium is often compared with Axie Infinity — another Ethereum-based game with a play-to-earn mechanism we talked about earlier. Both projects provide players with full ownership for every object in the virtual world. At the same time, the gameplay of Illuvium is 3D instead of 2D, provides more reach, substance, developed environment, and offers a story and lore. Additionally, each creature in Illuvium is absolutely unique and contains a piece of NFT artwork.

    The main difference though is that unlike Axie Infinity made mainly for crypto lovers, Illuvium aims to attract the lovers of traditional games that maybe never had any interactions with crypto or NFTs. 

    Illuvium technical specifications 

    Technical features implemented in the game make it very different from any projects in the blockchain-based games industry. It can be nailed to 3 main aspects: 

    1. The layer-2 integration provided by Immutable X, layer-20 solution for scaling the apps with NFT features, and thus all the personal transactions and trading performed without gas fees and provide instant transaction finality.
    2. Native decentralized exchange IlluviDEX designed for the trustful trade of the game objects and entities. It takes a 5% commission that goes to the stackers’ rewards pool.
    3. Yield Farming — allows players to get rewarded for contribution to the liquidity and for following one of the offered partners’ programs. Almost 30% of the total supply (3 out of 10 million) is distributed for this feature. But to obtain the rewards players have to wait 12 months before assets can be pulled out. To skip waiting, earned ILV can be converted to sILV tokens that allow shopping in the Metaverse.  

    Immutable X 

    Thanks to the Immutable X protocol the users of Illuvium can maintain their NFT in a secure convenient way, including self custody of the collectibles and trading without any fees. Users also don’t have to own an L2 token to operate with their NFTs and at the same time, they get fast transactions as the network is capable of proceeding over 9000 operations per second. 

    Immutable X improves NFT liquidity firstly by offering the creation of “metadata order”. It means that users can put any qualities of the object they want and only see the relevant options instead of going through long lists of all the available collectibles. The assets get immediately listed on all the exchanges that support Immutable X.  

    How to play Illuvium 

    After the official release, Illuvium will be available for mobiles and desktops. People will have to download and install the software. According to the recent updates, Illuvium is going to be free to play without prior investments. 

    Once the game is installed, users can explore the area, battle with the Illuvials alien inhabitants of the planet and other players, and follow the communal story. Illuvium allows collecting the entities.

    Every creature has different characteristics such as rarity, utility, and desirability. They are also classified according to the main strengths and can be either Guardian, Psion, Empath, Rogue, or Fighter. And at last each Illuvial has one of the 5 inclinations: water, earth, water, fire, or nature. 

    Each creature also has different types of attributes affecting its ability to fight, like the speed of combat, the harm it brings, and savagery. The power increases whenever they win the fight, users can additionally strengthen Illuvials with the artifacts found in the virtual world/  The creature can be upgraded to an “ascended form” with 2 affinities instead of 1, can be infused into more powerful forms, and be expressed in more scarce holographic or dark holographic modifications. 

    Illuvium gameplay 

    Though game details are subject to change, here is what is known: The story starts with the player becoming a survivor in the intergalactic space in pursuit of a beacon. After reaching for it, the player discovers a ruined planet with a vast crystal ocean and a small piece of land. The planet is affected by various weather elements that create a variety of climatic zones. 

    Stranded on the planet and unable to leave, the player starts to explore the landscape, finding many mysterious creatures often with god-like powers. Once you start to understand the nature and character of the land and its inhabitants, it becomes possible to take it under control and store in Shards — crystal slivers of mysterious origin. 

    The storyline is carefully created by the creators and steadily deploys and deepens as the player moves along and completes the tasks and missions. 

    Watch the video below to get more familiar with the gameplay and the possibilities it provides.

    Iluvium token 

    There are 2 types of assets on the platform. 

    ILV token

    ILV token is a utility asset powering the network and providing governance rights. It can be bought on exchanges, and earned in-game by playing and also provides access to the user’s share of Illuvium’s vault. Governance is performed through the decentralized autonomous organization. 

    The token has a total supply of 10 million. The assets will be redistributed in the following way:

    • 500 000 — for a preseed;
    • 1,5 million — seed;
    • 1,5 million — team;
    • 1,5 million — treasury; 
    • 1 million — launchpad;
    • 3 million — yield farming; 
    • 1 million — in-game rewards. 

    ILV token is listed on the major crypto exchanges but does not necessarily needs to be owned to start playing. 


    sILV is a synthetic ILV coin, used only inside Illuvium. After the ILV token is swapped to sILV it becomes usable for buying commodities in the gameplay.  To convert the asset player needs to stake ILV on the protocol. 

    Illuvium Launch Date

    The development team plans to release a beta iteration of the game in the first quarter of 2022. Players from Tier o areas will be playing for free. If the launch will be complete on schedule and successful, the project will officially become the first Ethereum-based game with AAA-rating ever created and will signify the step to the next level from simple 2D play-to-earn NFT games to a complete metaverse experience with advanced gameplay and storytelling. 

    The launch date is not revealed yet. The team announced only that Illuvium will be released on both PC and mobile. 

    Even though the game is only preparing to go live, ILV token experiences quite high demand and is already listed on many major exchanges. After Illuvium price hit an all-time high of $2868 in May 2021, by November token achieved a market cap of $383 million, showing solid attention and belief from the crypto enthusiasts.

    Development Prospectives 

    After Illuvium is finally live, creators of the project will switch the focus of attention to the marketing goals and go mainstream. As a part of this strategy, 10 partnerships with the most significant projects are planned, though without specifying any details about upcoming collaborations. 

    The goal is to attract more users to the project but also to support the communities of crypto-gaming enthusiasts. For this cross-promotional rare and unique NFTs are planned to be issued and airdropped for the new users. 

    The team follows a three-year program with the goal to partner with 50+ other projects. Each of them will have a big number of tokens and will help Illuvium to expand and attract more players. 

    To go mainstream the team plans to partner with social media influencers, but also to create specialized content for the players not familiar with crypto and additional giveaways to attract the audience that will be introduced to the advantages of the play-to-earn concept, educated about on-chain governance that gives a chance to rise the economic profit from playing the blockchain-based game which is not inferior in any way inferior to the mainstream AAA-games. 

    So far, Illuvium is the most ambitious online game based on blockchain, which explains a big buzz around it. If it goes live successfully it will be a new age of gaming based on a fully decentralized protocol allowing users to decide where the development will go while experiencing a unique highly developed in the terms of a story and visuals gameplay.

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