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    Rarible Marketplace Has Started Supporting Tezos NFTs

    Rarible Started Supporting Tezos

    The previously announced integration of the Rarible marketplace with the Tezos blockchain has taken place. Tezos became the third blockchain to support the marketplace, along with Flow and Ethereum. In accordance with the terms of strategic cooperation, Tezos NFTs will be sold on the platform. The secondary sales of projects operating in the Tezos ecosystem will also be carried out on Rarible.

    It also became known that the marketplace and blockchain will jointly release an NFT collection called Blazing Futures. The collection, which includes works by several artists, is exclusively available on Rarible from December 15th.

    What is so special about the Rarible marketplace? At first glance, the Rarible NFT market is similar to its main competitor OpenSea, but it has a different approach towards trading collections of digital objects. The Rarible governance token gives users a voice in decision-making and the ability to determine the future of the project. 

    More importantly, the marketplace seeks to expand beyond the largest blockchain for NFT yet, Ethereum. Rarible believes the future lies with multi-blockchains, so in November, it launched an integration with Flow and later promised to add support for Tezos NFT. This project does not have the huge trading volumes of the Ethereum blockchain, but it boasts a large community and active support from many prominent NFT artists. 

    The largest NFT marketplace, Hic et Nunc, recently closed on Tezos, but just a few days later its mirror started working. The unification of three Layer 1 blockchain ecosystems (Tezos, Flow and Ethereum) under one "roof" makes the Rarible marketplace truly unique.

    According to the head and co-founder of Rarible, Alexei Falin, Rarible is now the only platform with such opportunities.

    Tezos recently caught media attention when video game giant Ubisoft decided to use blockchain to enter the NFT market. In addition to selling Tezos NFTs, Rarible will also support Ubisoft's Digits or in-game collectibles. 

    Rarible co-founder and CEO Alexei Salnikov called the integration with Ubisoft "a natural step". According to him, blockchain games are the next big stage of development. Game creators are moving to blockchain. At the same time, blockchain-native games are improving. Therefore, according to Salnikov, the integration was quite expected and we have yet to see the winner of this race.

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