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    Bitcoin, Oasis, Quant (QNT), Revain (REV) & Price Digest 

    13 December Price Digest: Bitcoin (BTC), Oasis (ROSE), Quant(QNT), Revain (REV))

    REV Price Has Increased 38.7% Since Yesterday

    Revain is an Ethereum-based review platform. Pre-approved experts can post-project reviews on the platform and developers can get positive feedback on their solutions.

    The popularity of the Revain platform is growing in parallel with the growth of the crypto market, where new projects are constantly appearing, the legitimacy and ease of use of which needs verification. This trend has a positive effect on the price of the REV token.

    REV price today is $0.01200179. It has increased 38.7% from $0.00938595 since yesterday.

    Oasis Network (ROSE) Is The Highest Gainer Among The TOP 100 Cryptos'

    The Oasis Network price today is $ 0.309860. The ROSE price has increased by 10.4% in the last 24 hours. Currently, ROSE is the highest gainer among the TOP 100 cryptocurrencies. The growth of the token's price is driven by the rapid development of the project – last month the Oasis Foundation launched a $ 160 million fund to fund developers of decentralized applications (dApps) based on the Oasis Network, including DeFi, NFT and the metaverse.

    Quant (QNT) Has Become One Of The Growth Leaders

    A slight increase in the global cryptocurrency capitalization meant that some currencies with lower ratings rose in value. QNT has become one of the growth leaders. QNT price today is $187.14. Since yesterday, the price has dropped 10.9% from $ 210.09. 

    Bitcoin (BTC) Price Continues To Hover Around The $ 48,000 mark

    The leading cryptocurrency returned to one-week lows on December 11th, slightly below $ 47,000. Currently, Bitcoin price continues to hover around the $ 48,000 mark after it rallied to $ 50,000, recovering much of its December losses. This development trend may indicate that the sideways market will continue until the decision of the US Federal Reserve is made: on December 14-15, the Fed may decide to accelerate the termination of the anti-crisis program for the purchase of assets by the central bank earlier than it was expected (next year). 

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