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    Ubisoft NFT Project Was Rejected By The Majority of Gamers

    Crypto news: Ubisoft NFT

    After two years of supporting blockchain startups and closely monitoring the crypto gaming industry, Ubisoft has decided to step into the crypto space. On December 7, the renowned video game publisher company announced the launch of the beta version of Ubisoft Quartz, its own marketplace for the sale of cosmetic in-game items (Digits) in NFT format.

    Items will be produced in small thematic series and will receive unique serial numbers. The company representatives noted that the innovation will not affect the gameplay, since these items are regular “skins” that are already available in multiplayer games. The company also emphasized that Quartz operates on the Proof-of-Stake algorithm, using less energy compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    However, the new platform was massively criticized online. Although YouTube recently turned off the display of negative ratings, the "Return YouTube Dislike" browser extension showed more than 16,000 dislikes and about 850 likes under the video with news about Ubisoft Quartz. 

    Users also left more than two thousand comments under the video, in which they criticized the company for trying to make money on the popular format and pointed to the "hidden" number of negative ratings. Against the background of such a reaction, the video was hidden – now it is available only via a direct link.

    On social networks, opinions about the announcement were divided. Critics noted that even “green” blockchain platforms are harmful to the environment. Crypto enthusiasts, in turn, were delighted with the appearance of a serious player on the market and pointed out the positive aspects of creating such a platform. 

    The very next day after Ubisoft's ill-fated announcement, Asr Technica published an article detailing all the shortcomings of the innovation. Firstly, the availability of rare limited items in games is far from new in this industry and does not require special technologies like NFTs.

    Secondly, one of the main advantages of NFT is considered to be decentralization, but Quartz does not work that way, because in its current form, Ubisoft is its direct owner.

    Finally, there is simply no point in decentralization, because all game functions can be implemented using a centralized database, while Ubisoft limits all the features of NFT.

    Nowadays, more and more companies in the gaming industry are entering the NFT market – especially small studios or mobile projects of the play-2-earn format. However, many large developers are still wary of this new field.

    It is noteworthy that in September 2021, the Rave Review portal tried to find out which company in the segment of electronic entertainment enjoys the most dislike of users. Based on the number of searches on Google and analysis of users’ tweets, the portal determined that Ubisoft has the most negative reviews. 

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