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    Mark Wittenberg: "Verge Currency Aligns With My Ideologies"

    Interview with Mark Wittenberg

    Initially released in 2014, Verge remains the top choice for cryptocurrency owners looking for secure, swift, and completely anonymous private transactions. We talked to Mark, one of the members of the Core Team, who has been working for Verge for almost 4 years. He joined the team in 2018 and hasn’t “looked back” ever since. In this interview, Mark shares his thoughts on what makes Verge stand out on the market, talks about the game-changing collaboration with Voice Life, and reveals a couple of secrets behind the upcoming new projects by Verge.

    CoinJoy : Hi Mark! Thank you for agreeing to give us an interview! Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get into Verge?

    Mark Wittenberg : First off, I wanted to Thank You for the opportunity, and I appreciate the time you took to set this up. I reside in Alberta, Canada and I Have been in the Credit/Finance industry for quite some time. I was introduced to Verge Currency in 2017 and was invited to join the Core Team in about spring 2018. I haven't looked back since. What attracted me to Verge Currency was the fact it was 100% decentralized and no pre-mine or raise occurred.

    This was very attractive to me, as I saw the currency landscape changing over the years, and recognized that Bitcoin had become a store of value. At that time I was aware of many cryptocurrency projects, but only a handful of them were “coins” (not tokens and had the capabilities that Verge had. Being a community-supported Currency and designed “for the people, by the people '' is a great model to have for scaling. With my background, I thought I could add some value by being on the Core Team. With Verge being so unique, and with Verge being created for all the right reasons, the Currency aligns with my ideologies.

    CJ : It's no secret that the main direction of the Verge cryptocurrency is to provide users with the highest level of anonymization. Does this remain the main focus for the Verge team at the moment?

    MW : Verge is a public blockchain through exchanges. It’s no secret that even FIAT is anonymous to some degree. If I had $20 cash, I would be able to give that to someone without others' knowledge. Now, if I were to put that in the bank, then that is ledgered. Vege operates in the same fashion. Through exchanges, it is viewable and on the blockchain, but through peer-to-peer the IP can be obscured through TOR (IOS wallet). This does not make Verge an anonymity coin. This puts Verge in the position of being a fully compliant currency. Verge has the HOWEY test completed and is not a security. Moving forward, this puts $XVG in a very good position to scale out and become a day-to-day currency, used by the World's population.

    The main focus of the team right now is to expand our use case beyond just being a currency.

    Of course, being a currency was Justin’s (Justin Sunerok is the founder and Lead Developer of Verge Currency) reason for creating Verge blockchain. But as the space evolves we have focussed our attention on blockchain use case as well. We feel that being used as a currency while having life-changing use cases for the blockchain as well, that this puts us in a better position to be a “Peoples solution” in the crypto space. We have always been focused solely on that use case, and it will remain that way. 

    CJ : About a year ago Verge in collaboration with Voice Life announced far-field wireless charging technology. It can be really a game-changer in terms of improving the usability of smartphones in everyday life. But at the moment it's kinda hard to make any conclusions since there is too little information about the development. Can you share with us some insights? How is development going?

    MW : Great question, and one that cannot be answered to the extent that the readers may want. Yes, about a year ago we started having meetings with Voice Life, after they reached out to us. Justin and I attended CES 2021 with Voice Life and we were blessed with the opportunity to share Verge and Voice Life to multiple high-level companies. Voice Life is already a multi-patented, multi-country tech. This is factual, tested, and true.

    When we look at game-changing technology, that can be a part of everyday living, it can take some time to scale out. We have been having weekly meetings with Voice life for about a year now, and recently, Voice Life has expanded their team to bring on Mihael as a project Manager. Mihael has been on the Verge Core Team for a long time, and Voice Life felt it was necessary to bring him on board to oversee the complete project. 

    When it comes to insights about Voice Life, the NDA I signed doesn't allow me to speak past what is already public. What I can tell you is that Voice Life is positioned very well, from a patent standpoint. They are very guarded when it comes to protecting what they have. As you can imagine, in the world of tech, many ideas are stolen and attempted to be re-created. Voice Life won't let this happen, and actually, it can't happen.

    They have the “secret sauce” that only they can scale out or offer as license agreements.

    Their patents are very valuable, and only time will tell as to which companies will want to use the tech for their own products. 

    To put it in a simpler sentence, what other blockchain in the World can be used for Farfield/Nearfield wireless charging with no distance limitation, no charge pad, and charging coming completely from harvesting energy that is being wasted? The answer is none. Why you ask? Because Voice life has blockchain in their patents, and Verge Currency is exclusive to Voice Life. For those that can expand their mind to think further than today's answers, this is 100% a game-changer, both for Voice Life, and Verge Currency.

    As far as development on Voice Life, they are moving along quickly. They have developed passed multiple generation devices and are focused on scaling their charging capabilities. By doing this, it allows many levels of wireless charging through blockchain. From phones to drones to e-bikes to vehicles, Voice Life is positioned to be the World's solution to “everything wireless charging”, and on the blockchain.

    CJ : About a half year ago, we talked with your colleague (shout out to @XVG_ninja) about partners who helped Verge to become a payment method for many services. In July, Verge announced its partnership with the leading blockchain-based travel booking giant - Travala.com. More recently Binance listed  $XVG on Binance Pay. So far, 2021 has been a very productive year for Verge. Are there any new collaborations coming that you can tell us about?

    MW : Yes, 2021 has been a very productive year for Verge, and we have positioned ourselves very well for 2022 and beyond. As far as new collaborations that I can tell you about, we don't pre-announce any deals we are working on.

    This is a model we adopted in about mid-2018. We are constantly talking to companies that want to use our blockchain and want to help Verge scale-out. The best answer I can give at the moment, as we are here in mid-December 2021, is we aren't done with 2021 yet. There are plenty of more hours left in the day, and plenty of more days left in 2021. We are always looking for new use cases with Verge, and we are always looking for more ways to help the community with Verge solutions. As the world moves forward with more advanced computing and more advanced use cases, we are always trying to stay ahead, and continue to be the first at bringing our community more advanced use cases.

    CJ : Adoption and blockchain education are highly important things in general. Fueled by Verge manages this task perfectly. We see many individuals and athletes joining the movement. Do you have any thoughts on the further development of FbV?

    MW : Great question, and Thanks for asking. Fueled By Verge was started by Danny Robertson in 2018. At the time, I think he was 8 years old. He was the youngest person in cryptocurrency to step out and bring education and awareness to Verge Currency. By doing this, He actually put Verge Currency on the map, as far as athlete exposure. Athlete exposure wasn't a thing in Blockchain before that. We are working on Fueled by Verge daily. We are working towards 2022 with some very exciting partners set to come on board. We are blessed to have the support of the athletes we have now, and what makes us even more excited is these athletes do it for the right reasons. We aren't in the position to pay someone millions of dollars to slap a decal on their gear, vehicle, etc, etc.

    We try to stick with athletes that are in this for the correct reason. Recently “FbV’ sponsored a youth hockey team, and that is something we are proud of as well. We want to educate the younger generation about Verge Currency, and we feel, in order to do this, we need athletes with the right mindset and the correct intentions.

    By paying someone millions of dollars to do this, it then becomes about business, not education.

    We are focused on education and we look forward to 2022, where we can then get back to all the emails from potential partners. Nearing the end of 2021, we have gathered a ton of potential support for FbV, and we want to bring on partners that are aligned with our views.

    Derek Robertson (Danny's father) has been working nonstop on FbV, and it seems to have taken over his life. He has some very unique ideas and with his contacts, it will be exciting to see what 2022 brings for FbV,

    CJ : Here is the Guest Question From Twitter User @SonyaHa55858562: Are there any plans to implement new technical solutions for Verge, for example, instant transaction technology, scaling improvement, or implementation of second-level developments?

    MW : Hi @SonyaHa55858562. Thank you for the question, and Thanks for the opportunity to address it. That is a multi-part question and a very good question. There are plans to implement new technical solutions for Verge. Some of these plans will come through partner Voice Life, and other plans will come through future partners. Instant transaction technology is close to being here. Right now with Verge Currency, we are near-instant for a peer-to-peer transaction.

    Exchanges use their own methods and may not be instant, due to their own process and checks in place, but as far as $XVG being instant, we are very close to near-instant on a peer-to-peer level. Scaling improvement will come from smart contracts, and second-level developments will also come from smart contracts. Voice Life has positioned themselves to assist us, and we feel, with the current plans in place, these advancements are very close, in the not so distant future.

    Scaling improvement or implementation of second-level developments can include a wide range of use cases or products. Verge is always looking for ways we can provide solutions to the World's population. With Voice Life as a key partner, and with other companies reaching out to us, it's impossible to tackle everything at the same time. We can only scale as fast as time allows.

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