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    DeFying Gravity: New Generation Game on Solana - Star Atlas

    Star Atlas Guide

    We continue DeFying gravity series talking about new projects appearing in crypto space more and more frequently. Following the topic of new generation blockchain-based games, we continue with Star Atlas — a new generation AAA-rated space-themed game on Solana blockchain with deeply developed gameplay and decentralized economics. We discovered what is so special about the project and why it deserves specific attention among numerous blockchain-based games. 

    What is Star Atlas?

    Star Atlas is a new AAA-rated space-themed multi-player gaming project built on the Solana blockchain. It combines the mechanics of the blockchain and video game concepts which is only possible on Solana but not on any other blockchains. The reason is Solana’s high throughput processing of over 50 000 transactions per second and which allows recording all the tokens interactions in real-time without usual solid server back-ends for online MMO. 

    The most significant part of the project is the idea to make it a true metaverse, meaning the players will receive all the control over their actions and interactions and moreover, over the whole game development and future and will be able to earn from it while playing. 

    The game already moved forward towards becoming a real economy, offering insurance, lending, and staking opportunities for the players. Moreover, all the objects in the game are tokenized and can be traded as NFTs on external and internal marketplaces, providing complete ownership over anything in the game.

    Any owned items are stored in the wallet and are considered as in-game inventory. Players can utilize them in Metaverse while playing, sell and buying on the marketplace. Even usernames in Star Atlas are tradable and require bidding in the auction to be taken. 

    DeFi is integrated into the game directly through Serum. It also has an inbuilt automated market maker (AMM) and decentralized digital assets exchange. Users can also experience the Play-for-game concept where they compete to win staked digital assets. 

    Star Atlas is a real full-fledged strategy open-world game with many gaming options. The Metaverse is based in the year-2026, where the territory is separated into the areas governed by the human race, aliens, and sentient androids. The players of different factions compete for the land, resources, and political dominance. Every player contributes to the Metaverse and receives rewards according to their input. 

    Other than blockchain functionality, Star Atlas provides a complete video game experience. It is a strategy game with a developed interface and storyline. There are prewritten missions available, as well as battles with the other players, dominance confrontations, and even dynamic career systems in numerous fields. In Star Atlas, users can also drive their spaceship through the Galaxy and get a complete VR experience of a vast unknown. 

    To provide proper realistic graphics Star Atlas utilizes Unreal Engines 5’s Nanite, for the users to enjoy the cinematic quality visuals in the virtual world, creating a full presence effect.

    A hybrid gaming experience of Star Atlas reproduces the algorithm of blockchain technology in a very similar way affecting the general crypto technologies adoption. 


    The native NFT marketplace is a digital space where the game objects, items, collectibles, and attributes from Star Atlas can be traded. The marketplace has been already released and opened for trading. Users can sell and buy spaceships, lands, mining appurtenances, and everything that can be earned or found in virtual reality. Active usage of the platform will help to boost Metaverse’s economic development.

    The NFTs will be uploaded to the marketplace along with the development progress and will depend on the user adoption, assets availability, and the existing demand.

    Star Atlas Token

    Star Atlas metaverse is powered by two native tokens — POLIS and ATLAS, each of them are used for different goals. Solana Network also allows multi-currency support.


    POLIS token provides the on-chain governance but also powers the real-world economy of Star Atlas. Its name comes from the Greek word “polis”, meaning an autonomous and independent city-state with its own governance. 

    Similar to the original world, POLIS is a tool of political power in the Star Atlas Metaverse, thus providing its holders with many advantages. For instance, players having POLIS tokens possess jurisdictional power over a certain territory in the virtual world of Star Atlas. They can implement any kind of regulations, gather tax the players from the other areas if they come across. But it is only possible after the community votes for each regulation proposal. 

    Thus, POLIS token is a source of the users' control over the present and future of the Metaverse as the players will be able to vote for the development team decisions. This function will be fully available after a 2-3 year period of the governance centralization necessary to stabilize the game development process. After that, the players will be able to influence the economics, coins release dates and game future. 

    POLIS token will be redistributed in 2 steps:

    1. 20% of the supply will be sold through Galactic Asset Offering;
    2. coins will be generated through ATLAS tokens staking that will become available before the Star Atlas will be completely launched. 

    ATLAS tokens reserved for staking are not available for any other activity. 


    ATLAS token is used mainly as a money equivalent in the Metaverse. So to get necessary and additional things for the game, starting from ships, equipment, land, crew, and coming to fuel and fixing your vehicle after a big opposition, the users will need to have ATLAS coins. Just like money in the everyday economy, ATLAS is a  payment measure for operations in Metaverse. As the supplies for obtaining are limited, games have to strategically plan their Metaverse expenses. ATLAS is also the token accepted at the native NFT marketplace.

    The tokens steadily will be rolled out through a few stages of Galactic Asset Offering. After they are done, the token can be only earned in the game or bought from the other players. Interestingly, the development team holds no tokens from the undistributed supply. 

    According to the development team announcements, there will be repurchases and token burns based on the earned revenues. So the tokens will be naturally deflationary. 

    How to play Star Atlas 

    A wallet is required to begin Playing Star Atlas. Once the whole Metaverse is out the user will need to connect the wallet, choose any of multiple roles, get or obtain all the items necessary for playing, including ships, skins, accommodation, etc. 

    The gameplay has areas full of resources, where economical activity in the game is concentrated. Every player has to choose a fraction it wants to belong to. The choice is permanent, can’t be changed later, and defines crafting abilities that will affect the strategic advantages of the player. Though additional fractions can be added later. All the players are listed on the life leaderboard that ranks participants according to the in-game wealth they’ve accumulated. 

    Moreover, users can create or join a player organization. To gather players need to have a similar playing style or any other common matter to pursue the common goal together. It is also possible just to explore an open-world Metaverse discovering different stars and planets across the Galaxy.

    There are also different types of starships providing a flying gaming experience. Each of them can be owned and traded and also has a developed set of qualities as well as well-designed inferior. All the elements of the game can be explored at the Star Atlas showroom. 

    Moreover, the official website of Star Atlas contains a detailed description of all the possible roles, storylines, and modes that can be played once the game is fully released. Though it’s not just a brief tutorial, through-through fiction stories with a complex characters hierarchy. 

    Star Atlas Gameplay 

    Even though the game is under continuous development and not complete yet, it’s already possible to see the real gameplay. The official trailer below represents the full cinematic visual experience. 

    Star Atlas Release Date 

    The project doesn’t have a specified launch day, unlike other similar games. The features of the Metaverse are released step by step and part after the part allowing new users to join any time they want. 

    The first token was generated in August 2021 and then in September, the project started to sell the parts of the virtual cosmic world. For example, the company keeps rolling out new spaceships and NFT posters that can be bought with the native ATLAS token.

    The possibility of driving the spaceships in the Galaxy is also out now. It is the mini-version of the complete gameplay that should be released before the end f 2021. After the flying simulation, other mini-games will follow till the literal Star Atlas map will finally be out. 

    The main factor of Star Atlas that makes it stand out from thousand of blockchain games is the concept and ambitions of the development team that is also always active in the social networks and in the blog continuously updating the audience about the development progress, which was going optimistically up-to-date and without missing any significant stop. 

    Lately, the company partnered with Yield Guild Games, the leader of uniting blockchain-based games. And that alone stands for the big support and a bright future for the project. The only project that can possibly compete with Star Atlas is Illuvium. But the time will show which one will define the future of the blockchain gaming projects. 


    Can I play star atlas now?

    The end version of the game is not presented to the community yet, but anyone can become a part of the community, watch the trailer to become familiar with the gameplay, and also try some features of the metaverse in mini-games. 

    What star is Atlas?

    On what exactly planet in the Galaxy the game storylines take place is not specified. It’s a fully imagined and designed virtual world. 

    Where can I buy a star atlas coin?

    Star Atlas coins can be obtained from Binance by first buying Bitcoin and then exchanging it for one of the Star Atlas assets.

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