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    DeFying Gravity: Dogelon Mars — The First Interplanetary Meme Crypto

    Dogelon Mars

    Our DeFying Gravity series describing new, funny, sometimes weird but always exciting projects in the crypto world continues. And today we want to introduce a cool token straight from outta space hyping on the name of the main meme coin Doge and its biggest fan Elon Musk. Let’s try to understand if it’s a smart and thought-through plan to ride the hype wave or just an innocent joke that turned out as a goldmine. 

    What is Dogelon 

    Dogelon Mars ($ELON) is another meme cryptocurrency or an altcoin in other words combining two of the most mentioned names in the crypto space last year — Dogecoin, the first meme coin to turn from the foolish project not being taken seriously by anyone into extremely benefiting investment and Elon Musk, whose influence and support was one of the main reasons for Doge to skyrocket. But as crypto projects accelerate, meme coins also jump to the next level and Dogelon Mars gives imaginary value points a new creativity turn.

    The developers of the token launched on April 23 claim it to be the first interplanetary currency. The team behind the idea made up the whole story about the Dogelon Mars character who was born on Mars and worked on developing the colony and technologies there when the invaders came and sent him back in space and time, so the cool dog appeared on Earth. 

    The story doesn’t just stop there, in fact, there is a whole “Comic” section at dogelonmars.com talking about the adventures of Dogelon on Earth. According to the legend the character aims to develop the technologies of a green planet so they can integrate with the technologies from Mars of 2420 year. That’s why he establishes the first-ever intergalactic currency that can be used by any creature of the Universe. Feeling alone in the dark depths of the Galaxy, Dogelon wants to make friends that will join him on the way to Mars colonization. 

    Copying Elon Musk's intention to reach the stars and Dogecoin’s meme concept, Dogelon confidently took the spot in the crypto world without a single sign of utility, becoming a new phenomenon with over 4000% gain in a single month. 

    Marketing and Social Media Presence 

    As any project following the hype and pursuing benefit interests Dogelon needed a wide social presence and activity to get promoted, purchased, and grow in value. And this token didn’t underestimate the power of marketing having profiles on almost every popular social platform: Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and Instagram. The team doesn’t stop posting memes and updates, boosting community enthusiasm which already took the token higher than anyone could expect at the initial stage.  

    But recently Dogelon Mars news started to appear even more frequently following the success of the token that already brought impressive profits to the investors who know how to understand the tendencies and ride the hype. 

    Interestingly, Dogelon Mars pump is related to Elon Musk only in the inspiration part as SpaceX and Tesla CEO made no comments about the token since its launch. Though some of the conspiracy theories supporters are sure that Mr. Elon himself is behind the project as no information about the development or marketing team is published anywhere. 

    But it’s definitely created by the people (or Martians from the future) understanding the crypto market, especially when it comes to the fun projects, but also existing social media trends. The team regularly updates Instagram and Twitter pages making fun of the community news and tendencies and thus pushing Dogelon’s success even higher. 

    Recently Dogelon joined another trending topic and its NFTs appeared on the OpenSpace auction platform. Anyone can purchase full-colored comics about Dogelon adventures in space. According to the project’s Twitter — on some planets, the comic is more popular than Batman! 


    According to the official page of the token, half of the supply was gifted to the co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin while the other half was permanently locked in the Uniswap liquidity pool. Buterin though decided to cash the coins out and later donated them all for the charity. 

    The total supply of the coin is 1 quadrillion and currently, 560 trillion is in circulation. The token is listed on many big exchanges including KuCoin, BitFores, ShibuSwap, Uniswap (v3), HotBit, ZT, etc. 

    Dogelon Mars Chart 

    At the moment of writing Dogelon Mars price is $0.0000018400 with a $1 million market cap and a 24h trading volume of $130 million. Its price was rising right after the launch, reaching its highest point in May and then dipped again and stayed still for a few months from the moment of launch, but went up when the whole crypto market went on a bullish rally at the end of July. 

    After one day, the token’s price went back to its regular position and stayed there till the whole market started to grow. That was a lucky moment for the token that gained more than any other crypto including meme top-gainers Shibu Inu and Doge. 


    Considering the recent success of the Dogelon Mars token we can say that the development team got an eye for the hype. From the way they communicate with the investors and the community, it looks like they really know what they do. Even though there is no certainty in the future of any meme project if the team continues to stay deeply aligned with the audience's interests and trending topics Dogelon might really reach the sky. 

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