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    Poocoin Review: Exchange for a Newborn Cryptocurrencies

    Poocoin Review

    Altcoins arose even before the general public knew about cryptocurrencies. Blockchain was not only a means of combating the centralization of all spheres of life but also entertainment. In 2013, the famous DOGE token appeared. Other altcoins followed. Many of them have received the contemptuous nickname of altcoins.

    The term “shitcoin” refers to currencies with low capitalization and dim prospects, which are generally useless and unpromising. In an attempt to ridicule the term, the PooCoin service appeared. The launch date was March 9, 2021. PooCoin allows you to track the so-called altcoins and create charts of their prices. We bring to your attention a detailed PooCoin review –  its working tools, tokenomics and trading methods.

    PooCoin Tools 

    The complete set of PooCoin tools is available in the Tools section. The following possibilities are presented there:

    • Telegram Price Bot is a Telegram bot that can show the value of any token. To do this, just start a correspondence and set a command indicating the address of the cryptocurrency, for example, / set_token 0xb27adaffb9fea1801459a1a81b17218288c097cc. In response, the bot will provide a graph, indicating the cost and other parameters of the coin.
    • Multi-Chart allows you to track multiple cryptocurrencies at once. The graph, where the full set of functions is implemented, for each of them is added by the user himself.
    • Trending (Most visited tokens) is a page where you can track the rating of altcoins. All coins are divided into two sorting categories: by mentions and by views.
    • Sniper Bot Watcher is a tracking system for checking whether a token has been launched by a bot.
    • Trending (Most popular websites linking to PooCoin) leads to the Trading page used to rank the Altcoins.
    • Ape (New token scanner) is a scanner that monitors the emergence of new currencies. Before purchasing them, it is recommended to check if the projects are fraudulent.
    • Toilet (Farm yields) – section for coin farming.
    • Rug Check –  a log of the actions of the selected token. Information is taken from open sources, you can get data on any coin for which any transactions took place.
    • External Tools – a list of external tools that can be useful when working with cryptocurrency.

    How To View BSC Token Price Charts

    To view the price charts, you need to visit the Charts section, which shows the value of any BSC coins in the selected currency. If the token is little-known, then first you need to look at the address of its contract on bscscan.com.X-Token contract address on BSCScan.

    Next, copy the address of the contract and paste it into the "Enter token name" field. Charts window in PooCoin system. The system will redirect the user to a new page, where full information about the token will be indicated, including the desired graph, in which it is compared with BNB. Below the curve is the client's trading history (completed buy and sell transactions) with detailed information: the number of coins, transaction value, purchase price and track number.

    You can also track the movements of several charts at once, for this you need to use the Multi-Chart section. The user adds coins himself; if necessary, a certain diagram can be expanded to full screen.

    How To Trade On The PooCoin Exchange

    To start trading on the platform, you need to register by linking your crypto wallet to the system. For this you need:

    • On any page of the site, click on the Connect button in the upper right part of the screen.
    • Select the type of linked wallet: Binance Chain Wallet, MetaMask , TrustWallet, WalletConnect. 
    • Confirm the connection of the account to the PooCoin system in the selected wallet.

    Now you can start trading. To do this, you need to find the Trade section through the main menu at the top of the page. Trade section at PooCoin.The user will see a simple form where you need to set the percentage of slippage and indicate the currency pair.

    Altcoins Listing And Ratings

    To open the current rating of altcoins, you need to go to the Tools -> Trending section on the official website of the project. By default, the sheet is created according to the data for the last 24 hours, to unlock alternative time frames (from 30 minutes to 48 hours), you must unlock the third level of the premium account. To do this, you need to keep at least 2000 USD in your wallet in POOCOIN.

    All new altcoins can be found under Tools -> Ape. The presented tokens are unverified, therefore, before starting to work with them, you must adhere to the security rules by checking the coin:

    • Find a project group via Telegram, if there is one.
    • Through “Contract” (there is a link to it in the Info section opposite the token), make sure that there is no Mint function.
    • Make sure through “Holders” that most of the tokens are in the liquidity pool.
    • Check through “BNB LP Holders” if most of the coins are blocked or burned out to keep the system working.

    PooCoin Token And Its Tokenomics

    The number of coins issued has not been specified, but the maximum market capitalization has already been determined at USD 29 million. The maximum number of PooCoins issued will be 10 million. The market is formed exclusively through the PancakeSwap and PancakeSwap (V2) platforms.

    Where And How To Buy

    On the official website of the poocoin.app coin, in the Buy PooCoin section, you can find a tool for buying tokens. This page lists the slippage percentage on PancakeSwap, the only exchange where you can buy and sell, and the current price. An 8% commission is charged for each transaction: 4% of which is burned, and the other 4% is distributed as a reward to the rest of the coin owners. Buying PooCoin through the exchange functionality.

    Next, you need to click on the green Buy button, the system will redirect the user to the Trade page, where you need to select the cryptocurrency for which PooCoin will be purchased. All that remains is to confirm the deal through the Pancake network.

    Farming In the Toilet Section

    The service provides several tools, one of which is Toilet (Farm yields) or Profitable Farming. 

    Users can lend their funds to increase the liquidity of the exchange. Assets “descend” here to make even more coins out of them. Using the resources received, the exchange will begin to sell more and more PooCoin, paying its depositors an interest on contributions.

    Strategies For Investing in Altcoins Via PooCoin

    Altcoins are an opportunity to make money, but for this, you need to adhere to a certain investment strategy because such fickle coins cannot simply be invested and stored. They can quickly skyrocket in price or die completely, so the risk of working with such currencies is as high as possible.

    One of the most popular areas of investment is buying many types of different altcoins at once. This allows the investor to have the opportunity to become the owner of a large number of tokens at a minimum price, which can skyrocket in price at one moment. Even success with one such coin can cover all losses from other assets and give a profit from above.

    To implement such a strategy, it is recommended to purchase coins that have not significantly increased in price when compared with the data on the value at the time of the appearance or correction of the market. Also, before buying, you need to familiarize yourself with the history of creation and the people or company behind the cryptocurrency.

    Often, altcoins are created by scammers, such tokens have prospectively low liquidity due to distrust on the part of potential buyers.


    Is PooCoin app legit?

    The PooCoin app is 100% legit. It is a very useful tool with transaction logs, DEX exchange, charts, etc.

    Are poo coins real?

    PooCoins are a real form of money. At the time of this writing, the market price of one PooCoin token is $ 2.25.

    How do you use PooCoin?

    People use the popular PooCoin.app to track their BSC wallets and charts for different cryptos. The PooCoin allows you to track all of the buys and sells of your own wallet on the Poo Chart, and any other wallet for the buy and sell, and also view any wallet and what coins that wallet holds.

    Does PooCoin have an app?

    There’s a continuously improving PooCoin web app that allows you to view prices and track your wallet for BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

    How do I buy with Poocoin?

    Unlike many cryptocurrencies, PooCoin cannot be directly purchased with fiat money. However, you can easily acquire this coin by first buying Bitcoin on any exchange and then transferring it to a platform that offers to exchange this coin.

    What is a poo coin?

    PooCoin is a popular cryptocurrency exchange with its very own token, sharing the same name. It attracts the attention of many traders looking to invest.

    The content of this article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. We ask you to do your research. This text is not a guide to action. The author's opinion may not coincide with the opinion of CoinJoy