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    Weekly Digest: Disney NFT's & Polkadot New All-Time High

    Weekly Digest: Disney NFT & DOT ATH

    Every week we make a digest about the most significant news in crypto with bloggers and crypto community members, but this week we decided to find out what companies’ representatives and media think about all things crypto.

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    📌Shiboshis NFT Rocks Crypto Space With Its Shiba Inu Themes

    A non-fungible token project Shiboshis is created to honor the success of Shiba Inu in climbing crypto charts. Their NFT puppies, each of which has unique traits, are available at the Open Sea platform. The price of one NFT starts from 0.6 ETH but can go up to 50 ETH for the rare items like the puppies with a rare steelhead and bat hat.

    📌KuCoin Introduces KuCoin Fiat Account for Easy Fiat to Crypto Conversion

    Worldwide cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin with over 400 digital assets available for the users from 207 countries introduced a new option to deposit US dollars to KuCoin through debit or credit Visa or Mastercard card and get key crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, USDT. This feature complements other fiat-related services such as P2P fiat trade and third-party fiat gateways.

    Also, it has been awarded by Forbes as the best exchange of 2021 and also listed by Coinmarketcap as the fifth biggest cryptocurrency exchange. Meanwhile, KuCoin is helding the rewarding program for the users celebrating its launch, from November 2 to November 5 100 first users who bought USDT through KuCoin Fiat Account using Visa or Matercard will get a 50% discount. 

    “The KuCoin Fiat Account will help get more intenders on board, contributing to the mass adoption of crypto ahead.” — Johnny LYU, CEO at KuCoin Global

    📌Cardano Hits Whopping Two Million ADA Wallets

    On November 2 the number of ADA wallets reached 2 million signifying a new milestone in the network's history. Remarkably it doubled the number of users in 6 months as ADA celebrated the first million wallets in May of the same year. And on January 1 2021 the number of wallets barely exceeded 200 000. 

    📌Polkadot (Dot) Sets a New All-Time High Ahead of Parachain Auctions

    High-speed blockchain network Polkadot passed a proposal that allows parachain registration and explores crowd loans for developers. The users and developers of the platform were invited to vote for the new proposal. After the proposal passed, Polkadot native coin’s price surged 15% and reached a new all-time high of $50.87.

    The first batch of parachain auction will be out on November 11 and will last for 5 weeks. After that, a new auction will happen each week and altogether 11 auctions will be released in two batches. However, the proposal needs to pass the final stage, which means it needs to get approval from the public. 

    📌TRON Launches Cross-Chain Scaling Solution BitTorrent Chain

    TRON blockchain together with the BitTorrent decentralized peer-to-peer network are launching BitTorrent Chain  (BTTC) — a cross-chain interoperability protocol compatible with BSC, EThereum and TRON, but also with HECO.  As said in the announcement it's the first-ever heterogeneous cross-chan protocol built on TRON. In the future, it is planned that the protocol will be used on more public chains to connect them all.

    BTTC uses a proof-of-stake mechanism and is deploying nodes for the validation and leveraging side chains to scale smart contracts. Thanks to that it’s also compatible with EVM and supports TRON, Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Compatibility with EVM allows developers to move Ethereum-based apps to BitTorrent Chain reaching superior scalability. 

    📌Goldman Sachs Report Shows Ethereum Can Rise To $8000 By Year-End

    Bernard Rzimelka, the managing director of investment bank Goldman Sachs thinks that Ethereum's price can reach $8000 by the end of the year if the historical correlation with inflationary expectations persists. He compared the correlation between market estimation over a two-year period and Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index and noted that the weight of Ethereum in the latter is 40%, the same as the one of Bitcoin. According to the graph, inflation reached 2,85% on October 25, though the basket index didn’t follow. After a new all-time high of $4400 on October 29, Rzimelka thinks it can be a sign of a new accelerating price rally that can get ETH to $8000 token price. 

    “The latest spike in inflation breakevens suggests upside risk if the leading relationship of recent episodes was to hold (grey circles below).” — Bernard Rzimelka, managing director of Goldman Sachs

    📌Disney Launches its NFT Line of Collectibles

    Disney partnered with VeVe marketplace in order to introduce its own exclusive collection of non-fungible tokens called “Golden moments” dedicated to the annual Disney Day. The collection will be presented on November 12 and the fans will get a chance to win golden statues collectibles that are connected to the most remarkable and well-known moments of the Animation Studio.

    The same day digital Ultra Rare collectible will also be presented, but no more details about it revealed by the responsible team. NFTs will also represent the characters from Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars productions and will be available for purchase on VeVe NFT Marketplace. Users who win one of the NFTs will also get the free three-month subscription to Disney+ and those who buy Ultra Rare items will participate in the one-year subscription raffle. 

    📌Cartesi Integrates Chainlink Feeds for Delegated Staking System

    Noether Sidechain Delegated Staking Technology went live on Ethereum network with two Chainlink Price Feeds linked to enable the technology: decentralized Oracle Price powered for ETH/CTSI price for determining staking incentives and Chainlink Fast Gas Oracle for the fair gas prices compensation. Thanks to incorporating Chainlink’s oracles and protecting them from various attack vectors Cartesi improves the transparency and dependability of the Delegated Staking System. Cartesi also upgraded ETH/CTSI oracle through Uniswap V3 to provide Price Precision, Decentralised Networks and Transparency optimization.  


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