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    Weekly Digest: IOTA Smart Contracts & Rarible's Content Credentials

    Weekly Digest

    Every week we make a digest about the most significant news in crypto with bloggers and crypto community members, but this week we decided to find out what companies’ representatives and media think about all things crypto.

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    📌 Cartesi Integrates Chainlink Feeds for Delegated Staking System

    Cartesi announced that the Noether sidechain’s Delegated Staking System is now active on the Ethereum network. To enable it the firm implemented two Chainlink Price Feeds: decentralized Oracle Price powered by Chainlink for the present ETH/CTSI price to define user staking incentives and Chainlink Fast Gas Oracle for compensating the gass fees to the investors appropriately.

    Cartesi incorporates Chainlink decentralize oracles and protects them from flash failures, exchange outages and data tampering. ETH/CTSI oracle was upgraded with Uniswap V3 TWAP with the Chainlink price Feeds because it provides price precision, secure node operators, decentralized networks and complete transparency optimizations. 

    📌Coinbase Hits Number One Spot on Apple’s US App Store

    Last week Coinbase app became number 1he first most downloaded app in the USA Apple Store. It reached the same position in 2017 and earlier this year in May. amid the bullish tendencies on the market, this indicates increasing interest in crypto from the public. 

    📌 KuCoin Releases Social Trading Features for a Simpler and Better Trading Experience

    Kukoin presented new social media features for its mobile app to enreach users' experience and make it easier to understand, especially for the newcomers in the industry that come across transformative digital assets for the very first time. Though not launched yet, the features are available in KuCoin S, but only for the invited users.

    They can check the most recent news managed by AI and discuss them with other users, discover crypto projects and communicate with other investors and interact with the community leaders to get a wider view of the crypto market and to make more efficient investing decisions. This update comes along with KuCoins mission to bring the crypto to the masses. It will also make KuCoin the largest social trading crypto platform

    “Most practitioners in the crypto industry were focusing on building better tools to improve the interaction between humans and protocols. Therefore, the lack of interactions between users has led to the increasing educational costs and slow pace of popularization of the industry, hence creating obstacles for mass adoption.”  — Johnny Lyu, CEO of KuCoin

    📌Adobe to Test New NFT Verification Feature

    Adobe is going to enter an NFT market via the partnership with Adobe and NFT marketplace Rarible and launch a new “Content Credentials” verification feature. The functionality will allow ownership of digital assets verification and also provide extra security for the items’ metadata.

    As per official announcement, the feature now is in beta-testing to see if the content creators can easily and in a short time verify ownership of the objects created in Photoshop, Behance and Stock. The option of linking social media accounts, so the buyers can make sure that the content they purchase really belongs to the seller or made  by him. It’s planned that the feature will become available all over the globe. 

    “We are looking forward to working together as part of the CAI to fight misinformation with attribution and verifiable truth of content,” —  Rarible

    📌Dubai Issues New Rules for Security, Derivatives Tokens

    Dubai Financial Service Agency presented new rules for the ‘investment tokens' represented by the securities or derivatives. Investment tokens and defined as cryptographically secured assets, created, transferred and stored through distributed ledger technology. Security tokens are defined as blockchain-based representation of underlying assets and derivatives are the assets that get their value from other coins. The regulation body also plans to implement the network for exchange and utility tokens, for instance stablecoins. 

    📌Dogecoin Can Now Be Used for Buying Ownership Shares in Second Homes

    San-Francisco-based startup Pacaso, offering second-hand house ownership, will start accepting crypto including DOGE for paying shares in single-family homes in a few of the highly rated second-hand home destinations. The startup was founded in October 2020 and already achieved unicorn status (valuation over $1 billion). It buys single-family houses across the USA and then sells ownership shares in those properties. 

    📌 Stellar’s Network to Facilitate Remittances Between Europe and Africa

    Stellar, the blockchain dedicated to facilitating cheap cross-border financial transactions, will enable two extra remittance channels in Europe and Africa and for this it partnered with the payments firm Flutterwave, which is gonna work with TEMPO payments company based in France.

    The company is interested in exploring blockchain and providing an option for many people to transfer money between Europe and Africa as the amount of crypto users in countries like Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa has increased lately. Thanks to the partnership with Flutterwave it will be easier for the people to send money directly to a bank account in a local bank. 

    📌Indian Securities Regulator Bars Financial Advisors From Advising on Crypto

    The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) recently issued a document prohibiting investment financial advisors in the country to give any kind of advice related to crypto assets.

    The measures are taken because, according to the regulatory body, the investment advisors have been involved in unregulated activity. But it comes at the time when India reached the second place in term of crypto adoption investing over $4 billion in the cryptomarket in 2021

    “Any dealing in unregulated activities by Investment Advisers may entail action as deemed appropriate under the SEBI Act, 1992 and regulations framed thereunder.” — SEBI act 1992 

    📌IOTA launches Beta Smart Contracts to Foster Interoperability

    IOTa will enable developers to put individual parameters for execution fees and this is supposed to bring the fees almost to zero. The launch of the beta version of smart contracts functionality will also improve the scalability limitations and debut some new components never introduced on the network before.

    New smart-contract service will provide the integration with Ethereum Virtual Machine and thus will improve the standardization and interoperability and also allow the developers to mark unique fees. 

    “IOTA Smart Contracts also enable the feeless transfer of assets across chains, which offers the IOTA ecosystem — and anyone else interested — unprecedented opportunities in terms of utility, composability, and scalability,” — Dominic Schiener, CEO of IOTA 


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