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    CoinGecko Review: One of The Best Crypto Analysis Tools

    Coingecko Review

    In this CoinGecko review, we'll take a closer look at a popular service, which stands out for its comprehensive approach to information processing and advanced analytics tools that provide objective information on the role of fundamental factors affecting the market.

    Currently, the site provides fundamental market analysis and tracks more than 6317 cryptocurrencies from 435 crypto exchanges. In addition to monitoring the real time pricing data, volume and market capitalization, the service monitors the dynamics of community growth, developer activity, noteworthy fundamental events and intranet indicators.

    CoinGecko App History and Team

    CoinGecko is one of the first major bitcoin and cryptocurrency data aggregators. It has been working since early 2014. The founders of the resource are Malaysians TM Lee (a graduate of the London Institute of Economics) and Bobby Ong (a graduate of Purdue University in the field of computer science), who managed to independently launch the first alpha version of the site, which instantly attracted the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

    As the resource developed, the team included professional programmers and big-data specialists, which brought the site to a new level in the quality and volume of analytical information.

    The Home Page

    Coingecko homepage

    Traditionally, the home page provides an extensive table of the top 100 cryptocurrencies sorted by market cap, with a historical price chart for the last 7 days.

    Of interest is the filter by which it is possible to sort – for example, by hashing agglomeration, platform, category, or even the date it was added to the site. You can also track crypto prices and, in addition to displaying the rate against the US dollar, in the upper left corner of the table there is a button for selecting 38 more fiat currencies.

    Another feature of CoinGecko is the ability to create multiple portfolios of cryptocurrency data.


    This section contains basic information about the cryptocurrency market, including detailed statistics on coins, tokens, DeFi, derivatives and exchanges.

    Market Capitalization

    Sorting cryptocurrencies presented on the resource by current capitalization with given parameters, daily trading volume, rate and its change in 24 hours as a percentage.

    Recently Added

    recently added coins coingecko

    List of coins by date and time they were added to CoinGecko. Sorting by the current rate, change in 1 hour, 4 hours and by daily volume.


    This tab contains 45 cryptocurrency stablecoins, with a choice of rate to USD (dollar), EUR (euro), GPB (British pound), KRW (Korean won) and CNY (yuan).

    The graphical display shows the market cap, market dominance percentage and volume for the selected period of time.

    The table shows the market price, daily volume, but the most interesting indicators are the change in emission for 30 days and the graph of the number of coins in circulation for the same period of time.


    Coingecko yieldfarming

    This tab contains a table of Yield farming liquidity pools, with a choice by cap or the amount of collateral. There is also a volatile loss and calculated annualized return (APY) percentage calculator.

    High Volumes

    The tab with this name speaks for itself - the coins are arranged by the volume level for 24 hours, indicating the market cap and a mini-chart of changes price per week.

    Cryptocurrency Indexes

    Newly added CoinGecko tab with cryptocurrency index charts based on Coinbase Index, Crypto Index and MANA Advisors.

    Maha Index

    Maha Index is CoinGecko's own cryptocurrency index. The Maha CoinGecko Digital Asset Index (MAGIX) is a market cap-weighted average Laspeyres index that tracks the total profitability of the cryptocurrency market.

    In order to reflect an unbiased view, the index weights are based solely on the current market cap of 56 coins.

    The current MAGIX index combines price data across all crypto exchanges and is recalculated every five minutes based on current market prices and changes in supply turnover .

    With more than five years of history of accumulating reliable data, the Maha Index (MAGIX) is positioned as the most objective aggregate market index and is popular both among investors and researchers of cryptocurrency metrics and statistical indicators.

    A visual representation in the form of a line graph allows you to see the dynamics of the market and compare it between different sources. In addition, the tab provides indicators of dominance of BTC, ETH in percent and the value of ETH Gas in gwei units. 

    Coin Overview

    This tab contains lists of crypto prices based on the popularity index among the community, a list with a positive outlook for rate growth, as well as a list of recently added and most visited coins. An ambiguous tab based on purely fundamental information, therefore it makes sense to consider it as an additional tool for market analytics. 


    A new section on CoinGecko showing the cryptocurrency market broken down into categories – for example, exchange coins, stablecoins, or decentralized finance coins. In total, 43 categories are represented.  

    Trending Cryptocurrencies 

    The list of coins that showed the greatest growth or fall per day, but subject to a trading volume of at least an equivalent of 500 thousand. USD.  Sorting by volume, rate or percentage of price change, with the ability to configure sound notification. 


    Table of exchanges sorted by indicator reliability. Spot exchanges (384 units), decentralized DEX platforms (78 units) and derivatives exchanges in the amount of 51 units are presented, indicating the amount of open positions per day, the number of fixed-term and perpetual contracts and a mini-chart of changes in open interest over a period of 7 days. 


    Top 100 cryptocurrencies of decentralized finance presented. 

    This tab is interesting for the cumulative linear graph of the capitalization of the DeFi sector, as well as the numerical values ​​of dominance and the ratio of DeFi-ETH. 


    Coingecko NFT

    This section contains NFT (Non-Fungible Token), 


    This section consists of 3 parts: 

    1. Latest Crypto News

    Latest Crypto News is a news feed-aggregator from the largest information portals where you can read trending crypto news.

    2. CoinGecko Beam

    This tab is dedicated to information about updates, new listings and network updates for coins tracked by the resource. The choice of sorting by projects, categories and exchanges is available. 

    3. Podcast

    It contains podcast recordings of bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Conversations are usually conducted with entrepreneurs and opinion leaders in the cryptocurrency industry. 


    This section contains several points worth considering. 

    1. Mobile App 

    This product from CoinGecko can be summarized as follows: functionality and versatility, as well as detailed and unbiased reviews of the cryptocurrency markets, practical advice, news, tools and other useful materials in one application. 

    It supports iOS and Android. As for its functionality, it is worth highlighting the advanced setting of sound notifications and the creation of a portfolio of cryptocurrencies. 

    2. Stack Sats 

    Stack of statistics of profitability from a long-term investment in Bitcoin. 

    3. Bitcoin Holdings by Public Companies 

    A table of 19 public companies with investments in Bitcoin, showing the total amount of their investments and the percentage of the current issue. It contains extremely useful information for all categories of crypto enthusiasts – from traders to long-term investors. 


    This section contains links to the API, site reporting (monthly and annual totals), newsletter, a short tutorial on using the site and a form for feedback. 


    Contains publications, tutorials, a glossary of cryptocurrency terms and other reference information.


    Final section of the site containing links to CoinGecko on social media. CoinGecko is quite capable of competing with the established leader Coinmarketcap.


    How Safe Is CoinGecko?

    CoinGecko is completely safe as it is a trustworthy solution. It helps you make investment decisions and provides data on exchanges. The cryptocurrency industry is still poorly regulated, so a reliable source of information is extremely urgent.

    Can I Buy Crypto on Coingecko?

    CoinGecko does not provide services for the acquisition of cryptoassets, being neither an exchange  nor a wallet. However, if you want to purchase cryptocurrency, you can familiarize yourself with the list of exchanges that offer it and go to the seller's website.

    Is Coingecko App Free?

    CoinGecko's Crypto App is a huge collection of objective market data, news, tools and more. The app is free.

    How Much Is Coingecko Worth?

    According to CoinGecko, its annual revenue is $3 million.

    Is CoinGecko Legit?

    CoinGecko is a completely legit app. Such evaluation was given by 6880 users of the JustUseApp resource, which makes ratings of different apps. CoinGecko's legitimacy score is 62.6/100.

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