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    Revolutionary Gaming Crypto $EVCoin Partners With Nascar Xfinity Series Team for Kansas Lottery 300

    CUPERTINO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 9, 2021 / Play-to-earn gaming crypto, Everest Coin is pleased to announce a recent partnership with Nascar Xfinity Series Team. The partnership which would make EverestCoin the main sponsor of the No. 36 Chevrolet Camaro that Alex Labbe would be driving at Kansas Speedway at 3:00 pm ET on 23rd of October 2021, was announced yesterday by DGM Racing.
    Evcoin partnership

    "There's been a lot of talk about cryptocurrencies this year," said Alex Labbe. "I'm excited to have EverestCoin on the hood of my car! Mount Everest has always intrigued me not only with its height but the feat that people take every year to climb it. It's pretty cool that EverestCoin has a game where people can earn rewards for scaling it virtually. This sponsorship is going to be fun!"

    In the past few months, Crypto gaming has been having an increase in popularity owing to the merge between gaming and decentralized finance. And when Everest Coin, play-to-earn gaming crypto, launched on PancakeSwap in September 2021, the crypto gaming world was taken by storm, which led to a price increase of over 1,800% and 800 holders in less than 48 hours, in spite of the current crypto bear run.

    The play-to-earn concept was made popular by Axiz Infinity, and since then, many other play-to-earn projects have gotten launched, giving players an opportunity to earn passive income. Equally, Everest Coin introduced a play-to-earn game based on the inspiring story of Mount Everest, where gamers will go on a journey to the peak of the mountain. Although saddled with challenges, the ascension to the peak will be fun as gamers will have to crush the challenges on their paths.

    In a spectacular manner, $EVCoin rewards players with in-game assets or NFTs like green boots, jackets, and gloves, which they can use to perform in-game tasks while playing, and equally sell on NFT marketplaces to make a profit.

    In addition to the play-to-earn gaming, Everest Coin introduced a unique lottery concept that is both interactive and entertaining, to help and keep investors in profit and reduce panic selling, despite the volatility of the crypto market and the ups and downs that comes with it.

    All investors automatically enter a $1,000 raffle draw every week whenever they buy and hold immediately after a "sell", so far as the next buyer is not the same person as the seller. As soon as the lottery ends, one of the entries from the raffle is picked randomly, and if eligible, the investor is rewarded with a $1000 prize.

    This new partnership with Nascar, which is one of EverestCoin's many marketing efforts, spells a lot of good for $EVCoin. Among other things, it will increase its exposure as Labbe will take the green flag in Kansas with EverestCoin on Saturday, the 23rd of October, 2021.

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