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    Bonus Cake - Price and the Story of the First Auto-Claimed Token


    We continue our DeFying Gravity series, talking about new, both weird and exciting projects in the crypto community that appear out of nowhere as mushrooms after the rain. Today let’s look at Bonus Cake and try to understand if the offer is really as sweet as it seems.

    What is Bonus Cake?

    Bonus Cake is the first-ever Cake reflection following the concept started by Safemoon months ago - hold the token and become richer. But the difference creates the unique features of the project as the token is only the reflection of the CAKE and all the rewards are being paid in CAKE tokens. Bonus Cake token is the first auto-claim and reward mechanism. 

    The Bonus Cake is an engineering achievement first ever seen on the BSC network. But the team also declares that there will be new use cases for the token.

    An important feature of the token is that having it in your wallet automatically makes you receive the redistribution every 60 minutes. Moreover, you automatically become a participant in the lottery and get a chance to win extra rewards and prizes. The only condition is to have not less than 200,000 tokens in your wallet, which is not a big issue right now when the Bonus Cake price is still just $0.00001935. 

    So the question is if we all should trust this overall hype or just stay cool and suspicious?


    Bonus Cake is a Bep-20 token with a total supply of 10 trillion tokens. The circulating supply is unknown.  The most popular exchange to swipe Bonus Cake is Pancake Swap. It is also available at Crypto.com and eToroX, etc.

    From every transaction, 15% commission is being held and the funds are being divided in the following way:

    • 6% of every transaction redistributes to the token holders (in CAKE and only for the users holding at least 200,000 coins);
    • 1,5% of every buy or sell goes to the Liquidity Pool for Pancake Swap;

    Liquidity Pool redistribution also happens automatically and helps to ensure the stability of the project and the price floor;

    • 2% is taken for the special Reward Pool, which allows users to get a chance to win special prizes;
    • 6% is allocated to the Buyback and Marketing Wallets.

    To initialize the tokens, an extra 1% was added to the transaction fee if the users wanted to sell the asset. That also meant to reduce pump\dumb dynamics. The Liquidity Pool is locked for 6 months minimum. 

    Redistribution also does not always reach the holders in the same numbers as it depends on the current token balance and the number of holders, as it increases your income growth automatically. 

    The most marvelous part of the project though is the auto-claim. The holder needs to do nothing to get the rewards direct to his wallet thanks to the BONUS CAKE PROTOCOL that redistributes the funds every 60 minutes. Even though, sometimes the period can be longer if there is not enough CAKE but it will always be accumulated and delivered no later than a few hours after. 

    As the token based on the Divided-Paying-Token Standard ensures that all the CAKE gained by the network is redistributed equally between the holders. The contract checks how many withdrawable dividends the user has and if it’s more than a minimal threshold for auto withdrawals it either automatically claims them or buys back tokens for them.

    The best part is that the system adds zero gas fees, even no minimal amount per transaction. Each of the operations proceeds according to the value and the holders receive their CAKE rewards according to the position in the queue. 

    Before the launch to ensure the project security the team has purchased the Audit from HASH HEX, so from the initial stage holders can be confident the system is safe from major vulnerabilities. At the moment of publishing Bonus Cake was also going through the audit by CertIK. 

    Development Direction

    The project’s team (that preferred to stay anonymous) didn’t lay down too ambitious plans at the very beginning and as a result achieved at least half of the current roadmap. The most significant parts of the development are:

    • birth of the Bonus Cake;
    • website launch;
    • influencer marketing push; 
    • meme contest;
    • listing on CoinGecko and on Coinmarketcap;
    • 20+ k members in Telegram chat, 10+  k followers in Twitter;
    • building an NFT platform.

    The nearest big goal to be achieved is a $100M market cap. But that’s far not the only plan for the Bonus Cake. The project also aims to connect with big media influencers to promote the project even further. But the bigger goal is for the marketing team to finally push the project to mainstream and reach total recognition and adoption. 

    The development team is also working on the earnings tracking feature so every holder can really see how much profit they gain from investing in Bonus Cake. After that, the Merch shop is supposed to be coming and also the gaming app. Once those goals are achieved the new roadmap will be rolled out. 

    Bonus Cake Price Prediction

    Lately, the Bonus Cake Price was down especially compared to the all-the-time-high level which was 68% higher than the current price. At the moment as the project didn’t attract any shadows on its name lately most of the analysts believe the token price will go up, though not risking too big success. Potentially it might be a moderately profitable long-term investment but can still bring fast profits with the auto-reward system. 

    The content of this article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. We ask you to do your research.