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    Weekly Digest: Shiba Inu 900k Followers & Millionaire Loses $500k In Doge

    Weekly digest

    Every week we make a digest about the most significant news in crypto with bloggers and crypto community members, but this week we decided to find out what companies’ representatives and media think about all things crypto.

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    📌 Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin website hit by hackers

    Anonymous crypto hackers have attacked Satoshi Nakamoto’s website Bitcoin.org, which is the first and the oldest portal related to Bitcoin. The intruders tried to promote scum giveaway and were prevented only after the successful withdrawal of around $17k. The website was taken down straight away after the fraud detection. 

    “The website, managed by an anonymous account named Cobra, announced on Twitter that the website might remain offline for a couple of days after the hack.” — Cryptopolitan 

    📌 Charles Hoskinson Donates $20 Million to Get Language of Math Rewritten

    Founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson donated $20 million to launch the Hoskinson Centre for formal Mathematics at private research university Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The goal of the donation is to get the mathematics language rewritten as it is the fundamental part of crypto.

    “In his present projects, Hoskinson aims at educating people about the crypto industry, cryptography and decentralization and how these may change the world in the future.” — U.Today

    📌 Shiba Inu Reaches 900K Followers on Twitter, Surpasses Uniswap, Solana, Litecoin

    On Monday Shiba Inu’s Twitter account reached a new milestone of 900k followers, leaving behind the projects like Solana (622.8 k followers), Litecoin (768k followers), and Uniswap (631k followers). According to the Followers.Audit only 12% of the followers are fake and 84% are real active users. The increase in the followers might be connected to the roll-out of a new decentralized platform, but also with the main crypto-memes lover Elon Musk, who recently informed about getting a new pet – Shiba Inu dog named Floki. 

    📌 Solana CEO Opens Up on Project’s Modest Development Team and Ability to Scale

    The founder of Solana Labs Anatoly Yakovenko in the recent interview with Cointelegraph explained that his small-teamed project reached heights in the crypto space because of the all the time focus on increasing the transaction speed to meet the necessary demands that will speed up crypto adoption. The current SOL token performs 200,000 transactions per second, and according to Yakovenko, the capacity is increasing with the improvements of the hardware.

    “Solana is effectively that layer that is supplying financial infrastructure.” — Anatoly Yakovenko 

    📌 Monero’s former maintainer released from US custody

    Ricardo Spagni, the former lead privacy maintainer of Monero has been released from the US custodies after more than a month of incarceration. He was arrested in August on fraud charges related to the crimes that took place in South Africa between 2009 and 2011 in the Cape Cookies company. The South African government was requesting his extradition on the charges, stating that Spagni was faking the data to affect the prices for some goods and services and transferring the profit to a bank account under his control. If convinced, the former Monero employee can end up in jail for up to 20 years.  

    ”I am actively working with my attorneys on a way to return to South Africa as soon as possible so I can address this matter and get it behind me once and for all,” — Ricardo Spagni.

    📌 Dogecoin “Millionaire” Loses $500,000 on His Doge Holdings

    Youtuber and Doge holder Glauber Contessoto, well known on Twitter “as Doge millionaire” recently tweeted that last month he lost almost half a million in USD because of the beloved meme cryptocurrency. Even though Contessoto is not planning to sell the tokens, he revealed his losses after many users accused him of showing the portfolio only when Doge price goes up. Contessoto got famous after profiting over $2 million on Doge from when it reached its all-time high, but he has also lost $167, 000 in one day.

    📌 TRON Blockchain Now Supports TRC-20 Based Tokens on CoinPayments

    Global crypto payment gateway company CoinPayments actively represented in more than 190 countries and serving more than 70, 000 vendors all over the world upgraded its systems and added the support of TRC-20 tokens, so the merchant’s now can use any tokens on the Tron blockchain, including USDT, TUSD, and USDC. TRON foundation expressed excitement in their Twitter account. 

    📌 DeFi Bridging Protocol pNetwork Suffers $12 Million Hack

    An undefined hacker has exploited a bug in DeFi interoperability protocol pNetwork and managed to steal 277 wrapped Bitcoin worth $12.5 million that were stored on Binance Smart Chain. Other cryptocurrencies worth more than $190 million and locked in the protocol’s cross-chain bridges were not affected by the attack. According to the project’s developers, the bug has been identified and a fix proposed upon it is just waiting to be reviewed. pNetwork team tried to appeal to the hacker offering him a $1.5 million bounty for returning the funds, but it’s still unclear whether they got a reply or not.

    “Finding vulnerabilities is part of the game, unfortunately, but we all want DeFi ecosystem to continue growing, returning funds is a step in that direction,” — pNetwork 


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