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    Interlude Launches Scavenger Hunt Protocol into the Metaverse

    Interlude IDO

    This week Interlude unveiled its unique blockchain-based scavenger hunt protocol and launched an IDO presale for $ISH tokens. Independent developers can now implement an exciting hunt for cryptographic keys into their own games to incentivize people to play. Both gamers and developers earn $ISH tokens when a key is discovered. 

    Developers from all over the world can use Interlude’s decentralized protocol to hide keys in any number of gaming venues. By infusing a fun scavenger hunt with cross-game capabilities, Interlude developers and gamers alike can enjoy the metaverse-like effects of gaming across the universe.

    A token economy solution for game developers

    Many individual game developers find it challenging to earn for their independent games without the resources of a big team. It’s also hard for unknown or up-and-coming developers to get people to play their games. Interlude allows game developers to get new players to install their game by connecting the game to a larger network that automatically drives player traffic.

    How it works


    With Interlude, game developers can connect their games and apps to a global scavenger hunt game with just a few lines of code. Keys may be concealed by developers inside a game or even on a website, helping to bring traffic to their game building endeavors. Whenever a player finds a key, the developer that hid it earns $ISH tokens. But the hunt never really has to end! The protocol can be implemented repeatedly in multiple ways, making Interlude a great connector within the global gaming universe.


    To find the precious keys and earn ISH tokens, players play the game as set out by the developer. They may be competing with potentially millions of other players, adding excitement to the hunt. At each key discovery, they earn ISH tokens, all while providing valuable playing time for developers who are trying to build up their games.

    A game developer token economy featuring $ISH

    All Interlude users (developers, players, and investors) enjoy a token economy that features programmed price-network stability, meaning when the price of $ISH rises, it directly correlates to the success of the protocol and those using it. This is in stark contrast with most tokens on the market today. Usually, when a token price rises, it does not reflect or benefit the related network protocol in any way. 

    Learn more about Interlude’s token metrics.

    IDO Details for $ISH

    Interlude’s IDO presale for $ISH tokens runs from Sunday 5 September 2021 at 9 pm CET

    to Friday 10 September at 9 pm CET (unless all tokens are sold out).

    • Max supply is 1 billion $ISH tokens
    • 15 million are on sale for the IDO (1.5% of supply)
    • The price is fixed at 0.00002 BNB per ISH with a fully diluted market cap of 20,000 BNB.

    Once the presale is over, 100% of presale BNB tokens will be locked as liquidity in a PancakeSwap liquidity pool at the presale price with zero markup. 

    About Interlude

    Interlude is a decentralized network of games and virtual worlds initiated through a cryptographic Scavenger Hunt Protocol. As a meta-game with its own token economy, Interlude allows developers to hide programmable keys in their games. Millions of players could potentially join the hunt and when a key is found, both the gamer and the developer get to mine ISH tokens. 


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