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    Defying Gravity: SafeGameCash — Their Mission and Huge Plans

    Safegame Cash

    The “DeFying Gravity” series where we dig into the world of new and sometimes weird tokens is back to present the next episode of another crypto story. One day highlighted and then abandoned Safemoon Cash became a foundation for a new crypto gaming token that plans to rock the world.  And we’re clarifying what this story with SafeGameCash means and where it leads. 

    What is SafeGameCash 

    A brand new project with the memory of the unfinished history of SafeMoon Cash, but supposedly done more benefiting and thought of ideas than the project that caused its appearance and been abandoned by its own developers. SafeGameCash was created by the community members of the Safemoon Cash project. Now they are determined to make this project great and much greater than one day promising Safemoon Cash. 

    The goals of the project got more serious and not limited to reaching 25% of the market cap, but to go beyond the moon. The big new advantage it’s the identity which the project didn’t have before and now the idea expands further than just the token. 

    The community sticks strongly because it was formed in weird and uncertain times when some of the Telegram groups moderators decided to save Safemoon Cash holders by moving their tokens to the new project. The idea was taken enthusiastically and so the SafaGame Cash token appeared on the terms to be given to every Safemoon Cash holder and a possibility for the new users to buy it.

    But such a step was made only after deep research of the problems acquired to the previous project, so it won’t follow the same sad history. In particular, techonomic findings of marketing Rewards and Contests Utility/Use Cases were reviewed and improved.   

    The team behind the new project isn’t anonymous and revealed their faces and names in the official website. 


    The tokenomics slightly vary depending on whether the token was bought or sold.

    When buying:

    • 4% — to the liquidity pool;
    • 2% — to the marketing;
    • 2% — redistributed to the holders with BNB;
    • 2% — for the game development;
    • 1% — burn.

    When selling:

    • 5% — to the liquidity pool;
    • 3% — to the marketing;
    • 3% — redistributed to the holders as BNB;
    • 3% — game development;
    • 1% — burn.

    Selling the tokens is costlier as the commission varies from 11% when buying to 15% when selling.

    5% commission for the game development and marketing is taken to ensure the constant project evolution and push it to new heights. The project team got very ambitious and is really going to work hard to get it to success. To buy the token you need to get a SafeGameCash Contract Address that can be found at the safeGameCash bscscan page. 

    The main idea of a new project that got a load name “Karma reward system” is to reward the holders over the long term for holding the SGC (SafeGame Cash) coins. All that needs to be done is to hold the assets without transferring, trading or exchanging them. The amount of reward will depend on the period someone has it. 

    • 3 months holding — +0,5% extra BNB redistribution and a chance to become one of the three holders to participate in a lottery with a prizes like a PC or video game;
    • 6 months holding — 1,5% extra BNB redistribution and 3 participants to win a prize;
    • 9 months holding — 2% extra BNB redistribution + entry to draw 3 holders for prizes.

    There is also a super reward for the users who hold SGC for 12 months and more. They receive 3% additional redistribution and 3 users get a chance to win $100 000, $30 000, and $10 000. But the amount of investment should be not less than $10 000 to win the main prize. Multiplying the minimum holding amount (for example $20 000, $30 000, $40 000) relatively increases the chances to win.

    The second and the third prize can be won by holding not less than $ 5000.

    Plans for the SafeGameCash future.

    The recently created project has already gone through the audit, got registered on the PancakeSwap and also the development of the Minecraft server to pay in SGC was started. The team is planning to create unique and exciting 2 big NFT games by the end of Q3 of 2021.

    The project also will support charity and some projects allowing every user to donate any amount (min $5) and by doing this get the chance to win a prize (the exact kind is to be specified later). Half of every participant will go to the charity of the community's choice and the other half to the SGC liquidity.

    The SafeGameCash crypto team plans the token to be listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap and 2-3 other exchanges. There also will be a store where the payments can be done in SGC. The other ambitious idea is to create an SGC E-sports team to compete in the biggest tournaments that users will be able to watch through the Youtube channel.

    The team will also cooperate and communicate with the major industries and video game companies to implement the token into the everyday life of the gamer community to be used as in-game purchases, coin upgrades, fees, and much more. Many users shared their concerns and support in the SafeGameCash Reddit branch with more positive feedback on the news. 

    Considering what happened to the SafemoonCash token it’s too early to make predictions about the new project, though it definitely looks promising. According to the SafeGameCash chart the token price has not been stable since the implementation and suffering downtrends, but everything can drastically change if the team shows the real utility and fun with the time.

    The content of this article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. We ask you to do your research.