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    DeFying Gravity: Jigsaw — Another Scarily Benefiting Opportunity

    Jigsaw Coin

    In the continuation of the “DeFying Gravity” series where we dig into the world of new and sometimes weird tokens, we bumped into the same but different project of the already highlighted team. Prepare your nerves for Jigsaw — community based project willing to make everyone benefit. Let’s see if it is as easy and as beautiful as it seems.

    What is a Jigsaw token?

    Jigsaw project came as a kind of a crypto sequel to the Ghostface token built on the Binance Smart Chain network, built on the same ecosystem and providing the same opportunities but with the slight game changing features. It was released on 13th of June and from there on started to gain new investors and overall popularity, for example, Jigsaw branch on reddit is quite popular. To make it even more fun and to earn with a fully community-based project where developers have no more ruling the decisions power than every other user. Every decision on the project development is made based on the community poll. The development team had to participate in the presale to have a voice in their own project.

    Just recently introduced to the community the predecessor of Jigsaw — Ghostface is aiming to the same goal — to allow its investors claiming free BNB rewards while holding the token. That’s achieved through almost unique (if we keep Ghostface in mind) tokenomics.


    Jigsaw Token Tokenomics

    The principle of the project tokenomics is simple – hold the tokens and get rewarded. To achieve that 9% commission is taken from every transaction, from where:

    • 3% goes to the Liquidity Pool;
    • 1% gets reflected and thus redistributed to the holders;
    • 5% is a BNB reward transferred to the BNB reward pool.

    The total supply is 10 trillion and interestingly the presale supply of 5000 BNB was sold in no time (less than a minute) which shows the trust for the ecosystem from the community and the growing potential. Some of the users call it a gem and they have a point as it's one of the first projects to offer such an easy way to earn.

    At the moment of publishing the amount of the holders was reaching 5000 addresses. And every hour new transactions keep happening.

    The tokens are available through PancakeSwap and also you can swipe some tokens through the Jigsaw or Ghostface official websites, but you will still need to have some BNB. Soon the creators of the scary ecosystem are planning to present their own crypto wallet where all of the transactions to be made with more ease.

    The team also keeps organizing giveaways and social media challenges for the holders. But at the same time not everything is so clear in the sky and some of the users for instance on Reddit are calling the whole set of the projects a scam. Explaining that the project didn’t manage to feed the pool and that’s why the developers had to make more tokens to fix the whole thing. This branch though didn’t get enough recognition.

    The contract address can be found on the Jigsaw BscScan page. There also you can see the live statistics of transactions. The ecosystem was audited at the time of the first Ghostface project, the document is freely available on Jigsaw token official page.

    To earn from the tokens one holds, it’s necessary just not to give away the tokens and also to claim the BNB every day from the reward pool. To get the most it’s better to understand how this feature works: every day part of the commission from different transactions goes to the reward pool, from which free BNB can be claimed. You can receive it every day according to how much Jigsaw you hold. For example, if you hold 1% of the whole tokens supply and the reward pool is 1000 BNB at the moment, you can claim 10 BNB.

    Road to the …. Or the possible future of the project

    Jigsaw Token Roadmap

    The roadmap for the Jigsaw token is going to be integrated with the roadmap of Ghostface token. Right now the main stages of the project include the goals to create a limited collection of Jigsaw themed NFTs and after that the implementation of the system that will enable the creation of customized NFTs of any theme or topic by the community members.

    Now the project is in the process of creating fruitful partnerships with listings at CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. The team also plans on the merchandise platform where users can first buy Jigsaw merchandise and later upload their own merchandise and earn from selling them.  All of those are the goals for Q3 of 2021 and it means we are going to see it happening in the near future as long as the project is really as promising as it seems.



    The content of this article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. We ask you to do your research.