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    Weekly Digest: Porsche & McLaren Racing NFTs with DailyCoin

    Weekly Digest With Dailycoin

    Every week we make a digest about the most significant news in crypto with bloggers and crypto community members, but this week we decided to check out what our friends from the media find interesting in the world of crypto.

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    📌 Porsche Steers into NFT Bandwagon

    German Luxury car manufacturer, Porsche is following up with 2021 NFT rage and launching its own NFTs trading market called Fanzone. Online marketplace is created by Porsche Digital – the company branch that handles digital presence and expression of the company. New platform was developed by Forward21 Porsche subsidiary company and allows users to trade digital soccer cards as well as supporting suffering due to the pandemic sport industry. So far the company released cards of German male and female national team players, U21 team and the players from the third league in Germany. The company intends to render less famous but still respectable players as it’s expected the real value of the collectibles will prevail once NFT hype will start fading away.

    📌 Shiba Inu (SHIB) Runs For an Uphill Walk Again

    As soon as Coinbase announced its intention to list Shiba Inu on Coinbase Pro as early as this week the price of the token skyrocketed over 30%. SHIB is seen as an alternative to DOGE, being called by its fans a “Dogekiller” and it gets more and more popular as many young investors see it as an easy money because of its volatility. The mem-token was already listed on Binance in May and that also affected people in taking the token more seriously. From Thursday all Coinbase users except New York residents can add the token in their valets. Once sufficient supply of SHIB is established on the exchange platform order books will be launched in “Post Only”, “Limit Only” and “Full trading” stages.

    “The move suggests the obvious; that meme coins, though they started as jokes, are now a goldmine in the industry and the big exchanges cannot ignore them any further.”

    📌 McLaren Racing to build NFT fan experience platform on Tezos

    McLaren Racing partnered with an open source blockchain Tezos for a multi-year technical collaboration across Formula-1, INDYCAR and e-sports, that includes the creation of a fan experience-based NFT platform. Both companies are focused on sustainability through innovation, so the project will use clean NFT and energy-efficient networks to make sure that sharing of creative expression won’t be offset by high energy consumption. Tezos uses a Proof-of-Stake mechanism which is much more energy-efficient than the traditional Proof-of-Work concept. Tezos brand will be represented across McLaren SP teams, including the racing suits of McLaren F1 and AMSP drivers.

    “At McLaren we are known for putting fans at the heart of everything we do, and this is another partnership which allows us to enter a space where fans can own key pieces of our team. We are looking forward to launching the platform with Tezos to create bespoke NFTs with our Formula 1, INDYCAR and esports teams.” — Lindsey Eckhouse, McLaren Racing

    📌 Goldman Sachs Will Offer ETH Options

    The investment banking giant Goldman Sachs, previously being pretty skeptical about crypto, now seems to be changing its mind, planning to start offering ETH to its wealth management clients in the next quarter of 2021. Before it has already expressed the intention to offer digital assets such as Bitcoin and Altcoins and now it’s the time for Ether ranked #2 by the market capitalization on CoinMarketCap’s list. Ethereum is the largest network with more than 3000 dApps running on it and it seems like the first most valuable investment after Bitcoin for the bank. It’s of no surprise taking into consideration mass adoption of crypto and the general market capitalization level meaning there is big money involved and no bank would voluntarily stay away from it. Though, it won’t be easy for Goldman Sachs to dominate the market as other big banks have ventured into the crypto sphere.

    “The moves being made by institutional investors are promising for digital assets as it will inevitably result in an influx of money to the market, leading to an increased market capitalization.”

    📌 IOTA’s Answer to The Blockchain: Distributed Ledger Technology Scaled Globally

    According to Jens Munch Lund-Nielsen, Head of Global Trade & Supply Chains at the IOTA Foundation, supply chains across the world are slow and sluggish without proper transparency and smooth enough data transferring services. To change it IOTA and other distributed ledger technology services initiated the transformation of the supply chain that will provide the backbone for trusted data sharing, so the supply chains will become efficient, more equitable and transparent making the whole economy more agile and robust. Tangle — IOTA’s distributed ledger technology, can be scaled globally and provide immediate feedback on billions of transactions without charging transaction fees that can revolutionize risk management which is now being reactive and non-predictive.

    “Whether it’s the encryption principles behind the Tangle or the additional standards and flexibility of IOTA’s Identity Framework, or important new projects such as Alvarium, a simulated Data Confidence Fabric developed in partnership with Dell Technologies, trust and security are at the heart of IOTA,” — Munch Lund-Nielsen

    📌 SEC Announced it Will Not Tackle Cryptocurrency Regulation this Year

    According to the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulatory agenda, published this week, no crypto-regulations are to be set in the country this year. This is quite surprising, remembering high-energy consumption talks, increased number of ransom attacks in Bitcoin and the Monetary Fund concern of a threat to sovereign currencies from the private cryptos. None of those topics though were included in the regulatory body To-Do list despite numerous comments made by the officials saying that crypto market needs to be overseen.

    📌 Polygon and Xaya to Bring Decentralized Games to ETH Sidechain

    Blockchain gaming company Autonomous world, the founder of Xaya platform went into strategic partnership with Polygon to leverage Layer 2 Solutions to improve the scalability of CHI token as well as to integrate Xaya into Polygon’s Ethereum compatible sidechain. Therefore, Polygon’s L2 is admitted to be favorable for bringing decentralized gaming infrastructure to Ethereum sidechain, because of its low-cost ecosystem and fast confirmation times. Xaya aims to create an ecosystem for the decentralized games that will fully run on a decentralized network. Now the games developed on the platform offer provably fair gameplay with fraud and cheating proofs. At the same time, Polygon uses experimental Plasma solution to increase Ethereum’s scalability and transaction speed, so later it can shift transactions to its own lightweight rail parallel to congested one of Ethereum.

    “We’re excited to bring our vision of deep economics and complex gameplay to the Polygon blockchain. Following the growth of DeFi and NFTs, we believe blockchain gaming will be the next big opportunity to take blockchain mass market. Our partnership with Polygon will only accelerate that trend.” — Andy Colosimo, Xaya co-founder

    📌 Ethernity Chain to Release NFT Collections of Anderson Silva and Phil Ivey

    Blockchain based platform Ethernity Chain that produces limited edition authenticated NFTs just announced a new licensed collection starring famous poker Player Phil Ivey, the winner of ten World Series of Poker Championships and UFC legend Anderson Silva, the holder of 16 consecutive victories record. Just before that the platform dropped NFT of Marilyn Monroe and Winklevoss Twins. Ethernity Chain attempts to create the largest A-NFT library, meanwhile rewarding the NFTs creators and continuously raising funds for charitable causes. NFTs can be purchased through auction sales or by farming ERNS, and rewards received for such activities allow users to regain more collectibles.

    “Unique DeFi applications allow ERN token holders to farm rare A-NFTs, stake, farm and vote on proposals that will amend the Ethernity Chain ecosystem.”

    📌 El Salvador To Build Volcano-Powered Crypto Mines

    Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador announced in his Twitter the plans to command the state owned Geothermal electric company to prepare the plan to assist Bitcoin mining in the country. Similar to Northern European countries like Sweden and Iceland where the majority of energy is generated from natural sources, El Salvador also gets half of its power from geothermal energy, and, according to recent research its capacity can be increased to 644 megawatts. Thus Bukele is looking forward to designing a full Bitcoin mining hub based on the volcano energy – 100% clean and renewable. The CEO of Heisenberg Capital finds this decision a good move towards cut loose from the IMF and this will also move Bitcoin further way to become greener. 

    📌 Alleged South Korea’s $3.6B Crypto Ponzi’s Still Fooling People

    Even though South Korean investment Firm V Global got under investigation for being a Ponzi scheme, many people are still keeping faith in the project to triple their initial investments as promised and thus slowing down the investigation. If the company is found guilty it would be the largest Ponzi Scheme in the world ever as according to the prior investigation the victims were cheated on $3,6 billion. About 69’000 investors put in their money looking for the easy chance to earn, making V Global the greatest crypto scammer in history. Other than selling its native token, the company offered $1000 bonuses for attracting new investors to the scheme. Later on more than 30 000 clients failed to get their money back which made some of the victims to fill the complaint that triggered full-scale investigation from law enforcement agents. Despite the buzz around it the company denies being a Ponzi scheme and even says to file a complaint of defamation.

    “Global also continues to stoke the embers of faith with employees sending out text messages to ‘investors’ saying that the company is not under any investigation. According to one victim, the company is “telling investors to wait and see to prevent them from reporting to the police.””


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