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    Sumit Bera

    Opinions Of Cryptocurrency Experts On Bitcoin Price After Halving 2020

    In May 2020, a landmark for the cryptocurrency market will take place — the third bitcoin halving. Let's see what predictions about the price of BTC are made by reputable analysts and traders.

    Experts about bitcoin halving price

    1. Tom Lee aka 'Crypto Bull' aka 'Bitcoin Bull'

    This American analyst, co-founder of Fundstrat and exchange expert from Wall Street, was one of the first to see the potential in the blockchain and Bitcoin. He believes that the offer of BTS after halving will be reduced, which will lead to a “bull run” and an increase in the price of BTS to $40 thousand during the year.

    2. Scott Melker

    The TexasWest Capital crypto trader, analyst, and author of Cointelegraph, is restrained in his predictions. He explores the relationship between the cryptocurrency market and traditional markets. Melker advises everyone who believes in a significant price increase to be careful: if you buy, do it little by little.

    He does not speak directly about the change in the price of Bitcoin after a halving. But in one of his foggy tweets, written at the end of April, he says that he bought some more BTC.

    3. Tone Vays

    An analyst who does not recognize any cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. Previously, he spoke restrained about a slight increase in BTC price 6 months before the halving.

    Overall, Tone Vays is known for his balanced approach. He admits an increase in the price in the long term to $100 thousand but does not deny the rollback of the course in the short term. In his new stream, he noted that in order to forecast further price increases, it is necessary for BTC to overcome the $9 thousand mark in the short term. However, he does not particularly rely on this, since there is a strong market resistance at the level of $8 thousand.

    4. Nicholas Merten

    This strategic analyst also predicts the BTC price increase. He sees a steady “bullish momentum” and a methodical price movement to the above-mentioned mark of $9 thousand. Moreover, he recalls the volatility of the course. After the halving, Merten expects a small change in positions, a possible delay in prices at the level of $ 7-7.5 thousand, but the growth trend will remain.

    5. Bobby Lee

    Co-founder of BTCChina — the first cryptocurrency exchange in China, and a member of the board of directors of the Bitcoin Foundation. In April 2020, he was interviewed by the Cointelegraph. He predicts a price increase in May to $10 thousand, and by the end of the year — to a record high of $25 thousand. According to Lee, investors prefer to protect assets through the purchase of Bitcoin, which increases the price.

    Earlier, Bobby Lee suggested that by 2028, Bitcoin will cost $500 thousand and will be more capitalized than gold.