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    DeFying Gravity: CumRoсket — A Token For Those Who Likes It Hot

    Cumrocket coin

    In our new “DeFying Gravity” series we decided to dig into the world of new and sometimes weird tokens, many of which are appearing in a cryptospace as mushrooms after the rain. Will guide you throughout the most interesting of them. Today let’s take a look at the CumRocket — the project aiming to put porn on the blockchain.

    What is CumRocket?

    CumRocket is a new deflationary token centered on the adult entertainment industry. It was created in the beginning of April and aims to become pioneers in placing explicit materials on blockchain, providing a novel NFT marketplace where users can easily and anonymously buy, sell and swap 18+ content for cryptos.

    It was made by a non-anon team of experienced in development and crypto world members and promised to be a fully community project, meaning the community will be involved in the project development, being able to participate in discussions and submit ideas.

    In fact, CumRocket project presented as an NSFW (not safe for work) platform with adult content and native deflationary CumRocket tokens — $CUMMIES that are used for tipping and messaging, while to buy the content users need to pay with the other cryptos. As cryptocurrencies have less fees than fiat it allows the platform to offer competitive rates, so adult content creators get higher income. Right now 85% of the fee goes to the creator and 15% - to the platform.

    Additionally, creators get tipped in $CUMMIES and as their income doesn’t depend on them are most likely to hold the tokens seeing them grow in value. At the time of publishing CumRocket token price was at the level of $0.0480850.

    CumRocket NFT-platform

    Real models can present their 18+ content on CumRocket NFT platform – from simple gifs to full pornographic movies. The content will be stored in the wallet without the need to download it on the computer, so they can keep the porn private. The copyright bot ensures that the content is not being copied or stolen.

    In the reality where adult industry members are losing their incomes due to PornHub scandals, this new platform can look like a new turn and a bright future for the porn industry. Not to get into the same kind of drama, there are robust KYC checks to guarantee the content fits the rules and that anyone posting is above 18.


    CumRocket was created on Binance Smart Chain so it has low gas fees and allows close to instant swaps. The presale was hosted on DxSale and limited to 50 BNB with a limit of 1 BNB for each buyer. That was made to avoid having whales at least at the initial stage.

    The total supply is also limited to 10 billion $CUMMIES, 10% of which were sold during the presale even before the launch. The team wallet contains around 10% of the circulating supply and 80% of the tokens were burnt before the launch. 50% of the development wallet is locked for 2 month and after this term the parts of it will continue to be locked. Liquidity is also locked but for 1 year on Pancake Swap V1 and is planned to be locked again once the time is up.

    Whoever holds the token will continuously earn from it without moving a finger, as 2,5% of 5% transaction fees returns to the current holders proportionally to the amount they hold. Another 2,5% are being burnt, decreasing its total supply and making it more rare with time. Interestingly, no limit is set for burning the tokens. According to the CumRocket chart, the total supply has already decreased to 9 billion 633 million tokens.

    $CUMMIES can be bought using PancakeSwap. Then you can exchange them back USDT. CumRocket contract address can be found on the official website and at BscScan page.

    How far is CumRocket crypto ready to go?

    Right now the project is getting to the last stop of their Q2, and planning to realize V2 of the NFT-marketplace. The next stage is Q3 and it will include:

    • implementation of the private NSFW platform where creators can be tipped with $CUMMIES;
    • establishing CumRocket brand;
    • Exchange listings.

    Later on, the team plans to collaborate with the big names in the industry and even to donate to charity to help fighting child abuse and human trafficking.

    The next step is the development of the NFT platform version 2. And it’s also planned to create an NSFW NFT platform where creators will be able to get monthly/yearly fees for regularly updated content.

    Repeating the words of the user named CheshiareBeast from the CumRocket Reddit branch, most of the existing coins are just too complicated and “technically esoteric” for the average users. But when it comes to the CumRocket coin, that’s related to something as easily understandable for anyone as porn, considering its capacity to grant digital ownership and censorship resistance together with anonymity, there are high chances for the token to get popular and massively adopted fast and soon.

    We are yet to see where this will go, but the team definitely carries the intention to make CumRocket to become a great disruptor to the NSFW industry. And it steadily goes there as a Cumcoin BscScan scan shows that the amount of holders exceeds 85 thousands addresses and new transactions are happening almost every 3-5 minutes. And according to the CumRocket poocoin page the token price is quite stable with momentary leaps.

    The content of this article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. We ask you to do your research.