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    DeFying Gravity: Stopelon — The First Crypto Taking It Personal

    StopElon coin

    In our new “DeFying Gravity” series we decided to dig into the world of new and sometimes weird tokens, many of which are appearing in a cryptospace as mushrooms after the rain. Will guide you throughout the most interesting of them. And today in the spotlight is the Stopelon token that aims not only to reach Pluto but to fire Elon Musk on the way there.

    With the Stopelon token appearing on the market, the cryptocurrency world takes a new turn, where coins are not just a digital asset, but also a personal threat. A new token was developed to stand against Elon Musk, who has been far from the last person in the crypto world. The community got completely mad at the CEO of Tesla and the creation of the token is basically a war declaration. At least the community behind Stopelon calls it so.

    What is Stopelon?

    Stopelon is a newly-launched token with the aim to destroy Elon Musk, who’s called the biggest market manipulator and not without a reason. After the techno tycoon Tweets, the crypto market suffered a huge swift and started the big fall of Bitcoin which the main cryptocurrency didn’t see in the last four months.

    The new token launched on May 15 on the Binance Smart Chain with a 40% burn for keeping it deflationary. It has 5% for marketing wallet and 5% for development wallet. Stopelon coin offers a 10% transaction fee — 4% of which goes straight to the liquidity and 6% goes back to the holders, which means that anyone having the tokens will gain the earnings.

    The project also runs strict anti-whale tokenomics limiting the amount of transaction to 1’000’000’000 tokens for one address with the total supply of 1’000’000’000’000 tokens. Stopelon liquidity pool is locked for 48 days.

    New crypto can be bought using TrustWallet or any other app compatible with PancakeSwap for BNB. The contact address can be found on the official website of the project and on BscScan.

    Interestingly, the initial launch happened under the name Fuckelon, but the website got problems, so the team had to rug pull the tokens and then to unrugg them, returning back to the users and using previous marketing and development wallets to boost market cap back where it was.

    The idea behind Stopelon crypto

    According to the official website the token was created to stop Elon Musk from manipulating the cryptocurrency market through his Twitter account. The team accuses the founder of Tesla and SpaceX in intentionally manipulating people’s portfolios without caring much.

    The article also calls Musk’s support of DOGE ridiculous and entitles him “a narcissistic billionaire”. According to the message Stopelon is made to make its holders rich with no outside control (a hint towards Musk's market influence). The bigger goal is to raise the capital that will be enough to gain full control over Tesla stock and fire Mr. Musk from the company’s CEO post.

    Such a step met a huge support from the community as Stopelon token price rose by 512% after the starting low of $0.000001756 and later on corrected over 58% and settled at the current level of $0.000006797.

    Road to a F#%*ng Pluto

    That is the name under which the roadmap of the project was published. It seems like big plans though none of the stages got a date and so far only two steps were made:

    • Website launch;
    • Stopelon bscscan listing

    The audit by TECHRATE.ORG is currently being under process. After that, the token plans to be listed on Coinhunt and CoinGecko, Delta, Coinstats, and Blockfolio, get official stickers, meme, and logo V2 and also with increased social media representation to start a goodies shop and to sell merchandise.

    As far as it goes the project already reached one of the Stage 1 goals as the number of holders (5000 BSC addresses) is reached and overreached getting close to 7000 at the moment of publishing.

    Phase 2 will include:

    • Staking liquidity to reward;
    • Large scale token drop;
    • NFT shop collecting fees to burn the tokens;
    • Small cap exchange listing.

    The reaction of the Reddit users on Stopelon is ambiguous – some users support the idea, some are making fun of the situation and others are saying that the creation of new cryptos should be prohibited. But despite any talks according to the Stopelon chart on Poocoin its market cap reached $29 million in just 5 days with Stopelon price settling at $0.0000561405. And though we cannot know what is going to happen with the new token in the near future, the members of the project’s Telegram channel are assured that the token is going to make x100 in days.


    The content of this article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. We ask you to do your research.