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    DeFying Gravity: Safemoon Cash — An Ephemeral Or A Real Thing?

    Safemoon cash

    In our new “DeFying Gravity” series we decided to dig into the world of new and sometimes weird tokens, many of which are appearing in a cryptospace as mushrooms after the rain. Will guide you throughout the most interesting of them. And today the eyes are on the Safemoon cash — brand new token on a Moon mission.

    What is Safemoon Cash?

    Safemoon cash — is a brand new token, DeFi cryptocurrency made on BSC, that has been on the market for less than a month. In fact, it was stealth-launched by the Binance Smart Chain community at the end of April, believing the announcement published in a recently created Safemoon cash project website.

    It has nothing in common with the Safemoon token, other than also being a crypto project. Moreover, Safemoon cash coin was created to compete with Safemoon project itself and their first (and pretty ambitious) goal is to reach 25% of Safemoon’s peak market capitalization, which is for $4.3 billion. Safemoon cash price right now is extremely low and achieving the point they go for will mean 10 000% growth.

    What’s so special about Safemoon cash crypto

    It’s a rug-free community-driven project that is somewhat similar to Safemoon and offers the same tokenomics philosophy, but the transaction tax is 2,5 times lower and set at just 4%. Half of which (2%) goes to the holders - distributed according to the share, and the other half (2%) gets added to the liquidity pool, gradually raising the capital. That’s how any user gets the same chances to benefit from this new cryptocurrency. Safemoon Cash price right now is extremely low — $0.0000000002459.

    The new crypto is developed by an anonymous team which includes “tech enthusiasts, graphic designers, software fanatics, and marketing specialists”. But none of them holds any marketing or developers fund and the liquidity was burnt after the token was started, which is proven by public Safemoon Cash BSCscan transaction.

    Also unlike Safemoon, the whales in Safemoon Cash don’t hold more than 7,5%, the project is un-ruggable as its ownership fully re-announced. The project was also already audited by TechRate.

    Now the interesting part is that from the launch, it has been rising quite rapidly and according to the Safemoon Cash chart it’s momentum has been rising slowly but steadily and reached a maximum on May, 10 and has been lowering from there on. It had been recognized fast by many people and the number of holders now prevails at 17k.

    The description on safemooncash.org says it has a superior community, which is so far proved by the massive activity started in reddit, Twitter, and even TikTok. Moreover, under any Safemoon Cash-related materials you’ll find plenty of supporting comments and the number of original holders continues to grow. In fact, the community is so big that new transactions happen almost every second.

    Recently in the Safemoon Cash Reddit branch, an announcement appeared that another bull run for the token is coming and whoever wants to benefit should start buying it ASAP. It’s now possible only through the PancakeSwap, but the development team promises that the coin will soon be added to the other exchanges as well.

    To buy a new crypto coin you need to be on Pancake Swap v.1. Safemoon cash contract address could be found on official websites, Reddit and BSCscan. The Safemoon Cash poocoin can be found via this link.

    Thought on the future

    As any new token Safemove Cash is highly volatile and it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen even in the next few days, but the team seems quite determined. They are steadily following the planned Moon map and on May 10 the token was listed on the XT exchange, on May 13 the listing on ProBit was confirmed. By the end of the year, the cryptocurrency is to be listed in CoinGecko.

    The closest plans are to realise Safemoon Cash Governance Token that will be used to influence decisions of the future and then farming protocol for riding selling pressure and increasing the liquidity.

    If Safemoon Cash price will hold their position and Safemoon Cash will continue to attract new followers and investors at least with the same tempo they already do, it seems like the project can possibly grow into a really big thing.


    The content of this article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. We ask you to do your research.