Fri, May 1, 2020 11:00 AM

Crypto Weekly News — May, 1

CoinJoy weekly digest may 1

What important crypto events happened last week?

📌 Bitcoin recovered from the coronavirus collapse in just two weeks and continues to grow. Bitcoin's price jumped above $9,000 on Thursday, April 30. They say Bitcoin should gain a foothold at $8,500, although some aggressive traders rely on $10,000.

📌 Tom Hagen, a millionaire Norwegian businessman, has been arrested by the local police over suspicion of murdering his wife, Anne-Elisabeth Hagen while covering up the incident to be an abduction with the demand for a Monero ransom worth $10 million.

📌 Binance mining pool has mined its first block in the Bitcoin network, said Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. The indicated block is numbered 627,434. Most block browsers still display the pool that found it as Unknown.

📌 Telegram will not distribute Gram tokens on time due to a U.S. court ban. Pavel Durov proposed that investors will either receive 72% of the funds now or 110% until April 30, 2021. Those investors who support Telegram will receive Gram if they sign a loan agreement that sets forth new conditions. If the Telegram team fails to obtain the necessary permissions and complete the conflict with the SEC, the founders of the company will sell parts of their shares in Telegram messenger and settle accounts with investors.

📌 John McAfee feels that coronavirus is being used to enforce draconian laws and so does Elon Musk. Both of them can be seen as skeptical of the global pandemic saying that "democracy has been hacked."

📌 Hackers have infected the patient information system of Parkview Medical Center in Colorado, the US with ransomware that demands cryptocurrency in exchange for an encryption key.

📌 Chinese court recognizes cryptocurrency as “legal property with economic value”. The case that was administered by the court in Shenzhen concerned a theft of Ethereum. In order to settle the matter, it was decided that the cryptocurrency is a property for all intents and purposes.

📌 And now — to the project of the week. Meet 2key, a project created to help you unlock the true potential of your organic reach. With their help, you can turn any link into a SmartLink that tracks, records, and rewards every interaction. Packed with layer 2 Protocol on Ethereum, embedded Smart Contracts, cutting edge blockchain referral solution 2key SmartLink track, and cryptographically record anyone interacting with the link by web 3.0 address. Moreover, 2key is the First Blockchain-Crypto Product Officially on the Zoom Marketplace aiming to unleash the potential of human networks to achieve great things by working together.

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