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Crypto Weekly News — April, 27

CoinJoy weekly digest april 27
What important events took place in the crypto world last week? Read in our selection. Let’s begin with a mystery.

A Reddit user has found a post on "e-money" on Cypherpunks cryptography forum dating back to September 19, 1999, that could have been published by the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. In a short post, the author talks about every major issue facing a usable digital currency, and this happened 10 years before Bitcoin was created. Whether the author really is Satoshi Nakamoto or not, the resemblance is impressive.
Thanks to every detective of Reddit for all the investigations they make. You truly are the best.

Let's move on to COVID-19 news. Israeli blockchain startup Orbs has come up with a way to encourage people to stay at home using the "Stay at Home Challenge" application that uses gamification to trace people’s movements and notifies them when they leave their assigned home zone. Guess we all wish the pandemic had already ended and we could go wherever we want. Without tracking.

Telegram messenger made an exception and started to cooperate with the authorities since the future of “all of our kind” is at stake due to the pandemic. This was announced by the founder of the messenger Pavel Durov.

By the way, Ethereum will be able to help the global economy recover from the coronavirus recession, as it already boasts a wide range of decentralized financing platforms that make finance more accessible and effective for its users. Decentralization, transparency, openness, and speed of these platforms can play a key role in blurring the global economy as soon as it starts working again.

Let's talk about stablecoins. This week Tether (USDT) exceeded Ripple (XRP) in terms of market capitalization. The coin is able to get into the top three largest digital currencies according to the Messari platform.

Breaking! EOS Ecosystem turned out to be a scam. Earlier this week, the users of the EOS Ecosystem cryptocurrency wallet from China had lost access to their accounts located on this resource as it stopped working unexpectedly. According to The Block, the creators of the service fled, having appropriated 52 million dollars.

Next, the YouTube administration again was in the center of massive criticism after it removed the channel of the cryptocurrency trader and analyst Tone Vays. In a few hours, the service restored the channel. But the authors of crypto-related channels started having problems back in December 2019. Then at least 11 channels with audiences from 31,500 to 210,000 subscribers reported content removal. Even Vitalik Buterin’s Q&A video on Ethereum Roadmap from 2016 was marked as “containing goods whose turnover is governed by special laws.” Really, YouTube? How are you even going to explain this?

And now we want to feature Aluna as the project of the week. Aluna Social combines the best of a trading terminal and social network in one. You can connect and manage all your exchange accounts in one place, leverage on community insights, and learn from the most profitable and consistent traders in a transparent social trading environment. Their mission is to train the next generation of consistently profitable traders, by providing specially designed tools to help traders at every step of their process, from education to monitoring and analysis, to execution and automation.
The Aluna team has just released a new feature called "Copy Trading" which explains how to use the copy trading feature to automatically copy trade the World’s best cryptocurrency traders.

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