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    Anna Key

    Blockchain Nodes Provider GetBlock Adds Support to Binance Smart Chain


    GetBlock – a provider of access to full blockchain nodes – has successfully enabled their support to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) nodes. This means that developers registered an account at GetBlock.io will receive access to the Binance Smart Chain API with full integration into the GetBlock Dashboard where they can build projects on BSC and track their Binance Smart Chain network usage.

    About GetBlock

    If you have been integrating services with crypto exchanges, tried to deploy and run a node, or set up a multicurrency wallet yourself, then you probably know all the complexities of these processes – it’s quite expensive, requires extra disc space, and is extremely time-consuming.

    GetBlock has found the solution to these issues – they’ve launched a service that provides connection to full nodes from many leading blockchain platforms. Now there are over 40 nodes, and new nodes are connected as user demand arises.

    Using the services of the GetBlock company, you get the opportunity to integrate the BSC technology into your decentralized app (dApp) in minutes without thinking about manual configuration and constant maintenance of the relevance of the data. The GetBlock team will also handle any hardware issues, synchronization, and interoperability across multiple nodes.

    Why do you need an API connection to BSC?

    • To build a fully functional dApp that interacts directly with the Binance Smart Chain network;
    • To create a DeFi project built on BSC;
    • To get advantage of high performance and low transaction fees;
    • To monitor the on-chain information on the BSC network in real-time;
    • To create and configure smart contracts, send and receive transactions, and request data from the blockchain;
    • and much more!

    Since GetBlock has enabled support for the BSC node, it empowers developers across the ecosystem, significantly reducing the tension involved in interfacing with the network.

    Get started with GetBlock

    To start using the BSC node and more than 40 other blockchain nodes, you have to register an account on GetBlock and get a free API key in your account. 

    The account will display all the necessary information: access to API keys, available requests, the ability to purchase requests, as well as payment history. Possibilities are under development: calling the WebHooks and Websockets methods.

    An account on GetBlock will become an indispensable tool for obtaining analytics of your applications on the blockchain through the nodes serviced by the service.

    Users of the GetBlock service can connect the BSC node to their app using the JSON RPC and WebSockets API methods, which ensures a convenient way to interact with the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

    How to connect to the BSC node using GetBlock?

    Once you’ve registered:

    • Log in to your GetBlock dashboard;
    • Add requests to your API key;
    • Make a request to the BSC node;
    • Start building!

    Here is an example of sending the request to the BSC node to retrieve the last block number:

    Now that you’ve started issuing requests, your dashboard will start gathering information on the BSC node performance and API usage. If you want to connect to Binance Smart Chain nodes, but don’t know where to start, visit this developer documentation to explore the ways of interaction with the GetBlock infrastructure.

    The content of this article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. We ask you to do your research.