• CoinGecko Vs CryptoCompare: Choose A Better Cryptanalysis Site

    CJ Coingecko vs Cryptocompare

    Data aggregators of the cryptocurrency market are the most popular tools of everyday analytics among investors and traders. With their help, users can quickly learn information about the market, prices, and capitalization of assets, trading volumes on exchanges, coins, and currency pairs represented there. Yet, there are lots of sites on the Internet, and it’s hard to choose the best one. Keep reading this CryptoCompare VS CoinGecko review to select your platform.

    What Is CoinGecko

    CoinGecko is a user-friendly data aggregator for investors and traders. Today, this platform provides information about more than 6000 cryptocurrencies from 400 trusted cryptocurrency exchanges. This company uses its own methodology to share only reliable and trusted data.

    Coingecko main

    CoinGecko was launched in 2014 and became one of the first websites for cryptanalysis. It was founded by Bobby Ong, a University College London economics graduate, and TM Lee, a Purdue University computer science graduate. The company is trusted by the Malaysian government agency. It sent the CoinGecko owners to Stanford University to learn from the main experts in the industry. Nowadays, this online service has millions of users worldwide, and the most well-known media in the industry, such as Bitcoin Magazine, Cointelegraph, and CoinDesk, publish positive news on it regularly.

    CoinGecko is a great source of tools for tracking the cryptocurrency market. Except for a site, there is also a free CoinGecko app, available for both Android and iOS devices. By using it, people can check cryptocurrency prices, access news, recent trends, and guides. Moreover, you can install a CoinGecko widget to keep updated.

    In June 2020, the company presented a new feature — Candies. What is CoinGecko candy? It’s an award for loyal users. Enter the site or application daily and collect candies. When you get a particular amount, you can exchange them for an award in a special category on the website. These can be vouchers or goods by partners of CoinGecko.

    Coingecko candy

    What Is CryptoCompare

    CryptoCompare is another reliable source of cryptocurrency data. This platform provides users access to more than 5300 cryptocurrencies. To provide the right market price, a CryptoCompare website team analyses data from trusted resources. 

    Cryptocompare main

    The company was launched in 2014 by Charles Hayter, an expert in research analysis, and Vlad Cealicu, who previously worked as the head of Software Development at LSBF. Since that time, it’s been working in a partnership with many investments and trading companies, including VanEck, Refinitiv, and BT Radianz. 

    The company provides a coin list for tracking cryptocurrencies, a news feed, and guides for using coins and exchanges. You can also enter a Top Lists page to learn more about different ICOs, STOs, and IEOs, compare mining companies and cryptocurrency exchanges. It’s also possible to enter a Public Portfolios page to check the wallets of well-known cryptocurrency traders.

    Users can also install a CryptoCompare widget, change a chart period and theme, and select currencies. Except for a chart widget, it is possible to get a news feed, converter, and chart scroller for your site. 

    Cryptocompare widget

    Furthermore, it has a free CryptoCompare app for Android and iOS smartphones. This version provides users the same features as a desktop one. It is possible to create several CryptoCompare wallets there for different purposes.

    Platforms Comparison

    CoinGecko and CryptoCompare are both well-known platforms for cryptocurrency analysis. Traders will find both of these data aggregators helpful, thanks to their usability and numerous tools for tracking coins.

    Both platforms have user-friendly interfaces. They don’t have many annoying ads, and the navigation is simple. To visit the main pages, one can use a top menu. Yet, the advantage of CryptoCompare is the presence of chart widgets of the most popular tokens on the top.  

    One more essential aspect is the page load time because coin prices change in seconds. According to PageSpeed Insights, CoinGecko is faster than CryptoCompare. Its First Contentful Paint is 1.5 seconds.

    CryptoCompare has a worse score, and its FCP is 2.6 seconds. Although the difference is not that big, it can get significant when a trader is looking for the right moment to sell or buy cryptocurrencies.

    CoinGecko has lots of complimentary reviews. Yet, some users mention that they aren’t sure if the prices are true there. As for its app, some iPhone users say that they need more details about cryptocurrency changes during longer periods.

    Reviews on CryptoCompare differ. However, users write that find the site informative, and it provides reliable info about cryptocurrencies. Some people are ungratified with the app. It has only a 3.1 score on the App Store because users cannot log in to their profiles or track charts.


    After all, it’s turned out that both platforms are useful for traders and investors. CoinGecko provides more cryptocurrencies, and a  CryptoCompare currency platform offers many tip lists that will help you if you are looking for more trusted mining platforms or ICO. So, you should choose the site yourself according to your purposes and preferences.

    The content of this article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as any sort of advice. We ask you to do your research.