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    Anna Key

    The Most Popular 5 Crypto Trading Bots in 2021

    CJ crypto trading bots

    Automation is becoming increasingly important in crypto coin trading. Let's figure out what popular crypto trading bots are. Are they expensive and difficult to use, or can everyone master them?

    A trading bot is a program or script for a crypto platform for automated cryptocurrency trading. The bot contains an algorithm or strategy for buying and selling crypto. For example, markers and indicators at which orders will be opened or closed. Therefore, the quality of a bot is determined by how well its creators understand effective trading and how correctly the algorithm works.

    If the program code of the bot is open-source and it is on GitHub, this is a plus for its transparency. Otherwise, it is difficult to understand how fairly it acts, and if there are any surprises to be expected from it. You should remember that there are both scammers and reputable projects in this area.

    1. CryptoHopper

    It's a bot for such popular crypto platforms as Binance, Huobi, KuCoin, Kraken, Poloniex, Bitfinex, and others. It supports over 100 virtual assets, has a smartphone app and many built-in indicators. A free version named "Pioneer" is available with 20 positions for manual trading. From the paid one, you can try a 7-day demo with automation and triggers. The basic version with the minimum capabilities will cost $19 per month, the most charged one — $99.

    This bot allows arbitrage trading, opening 500 trades with 75 cryptocurrencies, signals, etc. All of this is available on the Pro plan. For professionals, manual setup is provided, while beginners will be interested in trading using strategic models based on the recommendations of experienced traders.

    2. Gekko

    Gekko is a free open source crypto bot placed on the transparent GitHub web platform. This bot is one of the oldest. There is no more technical support for it, but it's a real crypto veteran. Its source code allows you to do a lot of serious customization with it. However, this requires knowledge.

    Gekko has a lot of powerful, effective options that make it possible to optimize, correct, and test trading strategies. You can also build your bots on its basis. For now, Gekko supports over 20 exchanges with a set of ready-made strategies and the ability to create your own. As a result, it deservedly takes his place on the list.

    3. Gunbot

    This bot is also called Gunthy. It's a multiplatform bot for automated trading, with around 40 trading strategies, with a demo version and a lifetime license. The bot supports a maximum number of supported exchanges and over one hundred exchange pairs. Gunbot is relatively easy to use and contains many pre-installed strategies for beginners to quickly start trading and make a profit. For advanced users, there are also many options, from margin trading to customizing different configurations. Also, there's the ability to save the configured algorithms locally.

    It works on almost all top exchanges. Prices vary from 0.002 BTC (the most stripped-down version) to 0.125 BTC (for professionals). You pay the fee once, without additional payments. 

    4. TradeSanta

    A relatively new cloud bot that has already earned a positive reputation. It provides a simple interface and is focused on security, with many options for automated trading, and up to inner 50 bots.

    It supports 8 popular exchanges and all major types of orders. This bot also allows you to automatically execute more complex strategies, but the choice of strategies should be approached wisely. There is a free plan with a minimum number of options, as well as paid ones from $14 to $70 per month.

    5. 3Commas

    3Commas is both a bot and a trading terminal. Supports over 20 crypto exchanges. Allows you to organize a holistic crypto portfolio by uniting all your exchange accounts. The portfolio is conveniently visualized in the form of the infographic in your account. Since 2020, 3commas has partnered with the Binance exchange to provide users with a comfortable trading environment through Binance's asset management and security infrastructure.

    There are three versions with prices from $29 to $99 per month. There is a free plan, but it's significantly limited: you can only trade on Huobi Global, with a small deposit. Also, you can try a Smart Trading Function (simultaneous execution of transactions on different exchanges to obtain maximum profit). Also, it provides a nice trailing stop utility.

    This review is not a recommendation for trading or the use of any programs or tools. All decisions you make at your own risk.