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Fri, Oct 16, 2020 7:04 PM by Sumit Bera

Crypto Weekly News — October, 16

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What important crypto events happened last week?



📌 Tether To Replace Ethereum As The Second Largest Market Capitalization.

According to Bloomberg analysts, the Tether (USDT) stablecoin may take second place in the rating of the largest digital currencies in 2021. Thus, Tether will displace Ethereum (ETH) at this position. At the moment, the capitalization of ETH and Tether is about $42.066 billion and $15.737 billion, respectively. Recently, stablecoin knocked the XRP token from third place in the ranking of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

📌 DeFi Token Maker Sets New TVL All-Time High As Crypto Market Takes Pause.

Maker, one of the first tokens, continues to grow, setting new all-highs in total locked away value, which indicates the core stability of the DeFi markets.

📌 Bitcoin SV Will Sponsor The Cambridge University Metanet Society

Bitcoin Association, a Swiss-based organization, working to advance business with the Bitcoin SV blockchain, has announced its intention to sponsor the Cambridge University Metanet Society for the second year in a row. The company hopes that this will help nurture a new generation of Digital Finance professionals and bring together the brightest minds in developing new projects.

Projects And Updates


📌 Ethereum Foundation Introduces New Smart Contract Language ‘Fe’ For The Ecosystem.

The Ethereum ecosystem has introduced a new language for writing smart contracts named Fe, which was announced by the software engineer of the Ethereum Foundation Christoph Burgdorf. Today, most applications on Ethereum are written in the Solidity language. The company believes that having additional programming options will have a positive impact on the development of the ecosystem.

📌 Unveils Hardware Crypto Wallet With Fingerprint Authorization
. Exchange announces a new hardware Wallet S1 with fingerprint recognition technology. Using biometrics will both better protect the user's keys and make it easier to work with them. Initially, for the China market, it will be available in other countries in the following months.

📌 Ethereum 2.0 Gets Closer: Zinken Testnet Successfully Launched.

The developers of Ethereum started up the final test network Zinken before moving to the actual launching main ETH 2.0 network. According to Danny Ryan, lead coordinator for Etherium 2.0, the test genesis process went successfully. The previous "dress rehearsal" in the Spadina testnet failed primarily due to incorrect support for the latest version of the Prysm client.

📌 Nervos Integrates With HedgeTrade To Enable Community Trading Predictions.

HedgeTrade’s community-driven predictions platform now supports CKB, the native token of an open-source public blockchain project Nervos. The collaboration will provide Nervos with unique analytical tools and will allow HedgeTrade to attract a new audience.

📌 Binance Announces Adding Support For MetaMask Wallet On Its Panama Bridge Service

Binance's Panama Bridge Service, designed to organize compatibility with other blockchains, added support for MetaMask, Ethereum browser wallet.

📌 Solana Announces Ethereum Cross-Chain Bridge ‘Wormhole’.

The Solana smart contract platform has announced the upcoming launch of a bridge for Ethereum ERC-20 tokens called Wormhole. The bridge will allow users to transfer funds between blockchains, directly converting ERC-20 tokens to the corresponding SPL Solana standard.



📌 New Zealand Man Charged With Money Laundering Via Crypto And Luxury Cars.

A 40-year-old man from Auckland, New Zealand, is accused of money laundering through the purchase of cryptocurrencies and expensive cars, reports NZHerald. The man, whose identity is not disclosed, faces 30 charges. It is alleged that he received New Zealand dollars (NZD) to buy cryptocurrencies "as part of transactions that involve money laundering".

Mass Adoption

Mass adoption

📌 Swipe Now Supports Samsung Pay For Its Visa Cardholders In The US.

Swipe makes life easier for their Samsung and Visa users, by adding the feature of pay with Samsung Pay App. This integration is available to all residents of the United States, excepting those living in New York.



📌 Coinbase CCO, Jeff Horowitz Is About To Exit The Crypto Exchange.

CCO of Coinbase exchange, Jeff Horowitz, is leaving his post. The exact reasons weren't revealed, but Horowitz's colleagues pointed out that his retirement from Coinbase is not related to the recent statement of the exchange's CEO, Brian Armstrong. According to the new mission of Coinbase, the workers can't make political and social discussions if they are not related to the cryptocurrency industry. About 5% of employees who disagree with the new company policy chose to leave their workplace and receive compensation.

📌 Jack Dorsey’s Square Inc Invests $50 Million In Bitcoin.

Jack Dorsey's Square payment company announced the purchase of $50 million worth of Bitcoins. Having made such a massive investment, Dorcey continues to place big bets on the digital currency, which he says will become commonly used over the next decade.

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