Tue, Oct 13, 2020 4:23 AM

Alpha Market Freelancer Site Streamlines FinTech Hiring

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In this day and age, companies in the fintech and blockchain industry are actively seeking out savvy fintech freelancers. They need people who can hop on board and get the job done without having to bring them up to speed in the fast-paced, technology-dense environment.

“These last few years have seen a staggering increase in freelancing worldwide, especially since COVID-19 shutdowns forced a large percentage of the workforce to lose their jobs or move into a home office. During this same time, our contacts in the fintech and blockchain industries have been struggling to find talented freelancers that are technologically up to speed. They have to move fast as fintech is constantly evolving. We wanted to create a place where startup teams could easily find and hire freelancers with fintech expertise.” - Co-Founder of Alpha Market, @BullyEsq

Alpha Market is a platform that provides the fintech expertise that these tech startups are looking for. And it does so in an intuitive fashion. It takes the best of prominent sites like Upwork and Fiverr and removes the shortcomings, effectively creating a vertical online marketplace. With an open and sleek gig-client interface, Alpha Market is suitable for both companies and people looking for work. They can use the platform to acquire their “Alpha” and gain an edge up on competitors.

As a freelancer site focusing on fintech, Alpha Market allows freelancers around the world to list their services for free. Likewise, employers can browse for no charge and hire without a finder’s fee. 

Alpha market homepage

Alpha Market Homepage

The impact of DeFi

Since the start of 2020, DeFi’s competitive environment has increased in intensity. All over the world, people are reminded every day about weakening economies. Because of this, there is lots of attention to the development of open and transparent money systems that shape DeFi. The industry blossoms thanks to open-source technologies. With it, every new piece of fintech that’s built helps form the foundation for future building. Put simply, it is a system that advances rapid expansion and innovation. 

As a freelancer marketplace that laser focuses on DeFi, Alpha Market aligns with these open source technologies. It effectively builds an open atmosphere that is mutually beneficial for freelancers and companies, with less of a top-down structure like those of legacy freelancer sites. 

How much do freelancers and clients pay to use Alpha Market?

Freelancers will pay about half of the fees you’d find on Fiverr and Upwork. Beyond this, the site itself is quite intuitive, creating a thoroughly positive work environment. The online freelance market makes finding the right freelancer quick and easy. Payments on the platform are much more quickly settled than other sites with a secure, escrow system.

Fees Breakdown

  • Zero fees to list your services. Numerous jobs are applicable to each freelancer.
  • No fees to browse “Help Wanted” listings. In the case of Upwork and Fivver, you are unable to browse clients without a job bid.
  • Zero fees or restrictions for contacting potential clients and freelancers. On big freelancer platforms, there are restrictions for communications.
  • 10% fee when a job is complete and both parties have agreed so escrow payment is immediately released.

There are no fees for joining and making a listing and the platform has an open marketplace for fintech freelancers. With these perks, Alpha Market singlehandedly creates a captivating place for DeFi and crypto startups. By using this market, these fast-moving companies can track down the right people to assist them in reaching their “Alpha.”

The gig workforce is growing

People are largely moving from office to home working environments. This should come as no surprise given recent events. You have the explosion of open finance, the crippling instability of the global economy, and lockdowns thanks to the pandemic. At the same time, people are home, left to their own “devices” and they are discovering the advantages that come from freelancing. Not only can they make their own hours, but they can also do work that they enjoy doing.

Alpha Market has built a freelancer marketplace that bridges this gap. It provides a reliable location for skillful fintech freelancers and DeFi startups to meet and work together. 

If you are a fintech freelancer working at sites like Upwork or Fiverr, then Alpha Market may be the refreshing change you’ve been waiting for. The streamlined marketplace enables fintech freelancers to effortlessly market their services. And they can do so in an open, peaceful, and enriching work environment.