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    CoinJoy Crypto News: Ethereum Proof of Stake Officially Published

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    What significant crypto occasions happened last week? 

    Cryptographic forms of money 

    📌 Monero Presents New Legal Framework In Defense Of Privacy Coins 

    Riccardo Spagni introduced the consequence of over a year's work. A whitepaper named "Hostile to Money Laundering Regulation of Privacy-Enabling Cryptocurrencies" has been distributed. The report was imagined as another legitimate system to ensure secret coins like Monero, Zcash, Dash, Komodo, and others. 

    📌 Tether Is Moving 1 Billion More USDT Coins From TRON To Ethereum Blockchain 

    The complete inventory of coins won't change. The organization completed the trade on September 15, planning its activities "with an outsider". As of late, this is the second such stablecoin move between blockchains — on August 20, the guarantor likewise moved USDT 1 billion from Tron to Ethereum. Another piece of information about Tether: USDT capitalization surpassed $15 billion, having expanded by $3 billion in a month.

    Projects and Updates


    📌 Kraken Receives Licence To Establish First U.S Digital Assets Bank

    The Kraken Bitcoin exchange was the first in the United States to receive the status of a special purpose depository institution (SPDI), giving it the functions of a traditional financial institution. The corresponding application of the Californian company was approved by the Wyoming Banking Council. This will allow Kraken to opt-out of third-party vendors to perform certain banking functions on its own.

    📌 Official Ethereum Proof-of-Stake Algorithm Proposal Published

    Ethereum Foundation Lead Developer Danny Ryan has published the official proposal EIP-2982, which suggests the launch of Ethereum 2.0 and the transition from the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm to Proof-of-Stake. If approved by other leading developers, it will be possible to launch Serenity, Ethereum 2.0 phase zero. Within its framework, the Beacon Chain will be activated, which will use Proof-of-Stake.

    📌 Uniswap Provides All Its Users With $1.200

    Leading decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap has released the UNI governance token. It was listed on the Binance exchange almost immediately. About 13000 Uniswap users have already requested tokens.



    📌 New Draft Law Suggests The European Union Is Set To Regulate Cryptocurrencies

    The European Commission proposed to establish a legal framework for cryptocurrencies, security tokens, and stablecoins by analogy with the requirements for traditional financial instruments. This is stated in the Cryptocurrency Asset Markets Bill. The bill proposes to treat cryptocurrency assets like any other financial instrument. According to the European Commission, this will provide legal clarity.

    📌 Digital Assets Recognized As Securities In Nigeria

    The regulator clarified that cryptocurrencies offer public alternative investment opportunities. Digital assets can be used as a medium of exchange, settlement, and accumulation. In order to protect investors from risks and not violate the integrity of the market, crypto assets must be controlled on an equal basis with securities. The main task of regulation is not to discourage the development of new technologies, but to ensure fair market competition and adherence to ethical standards.



    📌 Japanese Crypto Exchange Sues Binance for Role in $63 Million Bitcoin Hack

    The Japanese company Fisco Cryptocurrency Exchange, Inc has filed a US lawsuit against Binance Holdings Ltd., accusing it of providing a service to launder cryptocurrency stolen from the Zaif exchange in 2018. Fisco acquired Zaif in 2018 shortly after the hack. Over $9 million in stolen assets could have been funneled through Binance. The company notes that analysts were able to track the movement of all stolen $63 million to one bitcoin address. Subsequently, 1,451.7 BTC were sent from it to Binance addresses.

    📌 New Virus Attacks Microsoft SQL Database Servers For Monero Mining

    Tencent's cybersecurity division has discovered a new miner virus called MrbMiner. The tactics of the virus are quite simple — the botnet scans the available IP addresses in search of Microsoft SQL servers, and if it detects such, it tries to log in under the administrator account using a brute-force password. If successful, the virus downloads the assm.exe file, which implements a reboot mechanism and creates a special account for hackers to access the server. After that, MrbMiner downloads a miner for mining the anonymous cryptocurrency Monero (XMR).

    Mass adoption

    Mass adoption

    📌 Bahamas Geared to Launch Central Bank Digital Currency

    The Bahamas wants to be the first country in the world to roll out a government-backed virtual currency nationwide and announced they will launch a central bank-issued cryptocurrency (CBDC) in October. The digital currency, dubbed "sand dollar", is designed to increase the financial availability of remote islands within the archipelago state.

    📌 Alibaba On Track To Be The Largest Blockchain Patent Holder By End Of 2020

    Computer giant IBM risks losing the title of the largest blockchain patent holder to the Chinese corporation Alibaba. Since the beginning of the year, Alibaba has published ten times more patents than its closest competitor, IBM. According to analysts, if the pace is maintained, the Chinese corporation will become the largest patent holder by the end of the year.

    📌 France Begins Central Bank Digital Currency Testing

    Société Générale — one of the largest financial conglomerates in Europe — will test the central bank digital currency (CBDC) on the Tezos blockchain. The Bank of France, as a result of the selection of partners, chose the Forge blockchain platform to test CBDC for interbank settlements. As part of the experiment, the feasibility of digitizing financial securities and the possibility of settlements on them using CBDC will be studied. In addition to Nomadic Labs, several technology service providers and consultants will participate in the testing.

    📌 Kazakhstan Will Develop A Blockchain Service For Ensuring The Security Of Personal Data

    It will allow citizens of the country to control the use of their personal data. The service is planned to be introduced by the end of this year.



    📌 Kiss Rock Group Member Is Ready To Buy Bitcoin

    Gene Simmons supported Cameron Winklevoss's request to use bank accounts to buy Bitcoin and Ether. The co-founder of Gemini tweeted that people who do not have access to banking services find it difficult to become the owners of cryptocurrency and that they need to take advantage of the benefits. The musician commented as follows: "I will. I am." For this moment, the most common opinion on Twitter is that Simmons is already buying cryptocurrency and will continue to increase the amount of Bitcoin he owns.

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