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    Anna Key

    New Projects: FixedFloat

    Fixed float

    New projects appear in the world of cryptocurrencies every day, and we decided to tell you more about the most promising and interesting ones.

    FixedFloat is a lightning cryptocurrency exchange created by a team of specialists with extensive experience in the development of web applications. They have always wanted to simplify the process of exchanging cryptocurrencies for users and make the exchange fully automatic with handling cases of sending wrong amounts.

    FixedFloat has 2 types of orders: fixed and float ones. When these two words were combined, the company name appeared.

    In a fixed order, the rate is fixed for 10 minutes and it cost 1% of the amount for this. The customer will receive the exact amount indicated in the order.

    In a float order, the commission is only 0.5% of the amount, but the final rate will be fixed at the time of the receipt of the required number of confirmations. Lucky for you, the amount received may turn out to be larger than that displayed at creation.

    When exchanging, the order page displays all the information about the exchange, including complete information about the transaction which is convenient and understandable to users. The FixedFloat technical support service works around the clock so that the customers can get advice at any time and not worry about their funds.

    The project continues to develop and introduce new features. The FixedFloat team wishes to become the best instant exchanger in the crypto industry.

    Fun fact: on the main page of the project there is a game with flying squares you can move and push. Check out FixedFloat!